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Guardiola, is he the man for the job?


Pep Guardiola is a manager that all clubs can only dream of having. He won 14 trophies in the space of 4 years at Barcelona (this is no exaggeration), including 3 La Liga titles and 2 Champions League crowns. He always wants to play ‘perfect’ football, which is something most Premier League clubs have tried (and failed!), but could never replicate Barca’s flair.


It poses a serious question, why would a manager in such demand and with such quality want to join a downing ship like Arsenal?

  • Arsenal’s top stars are fleeing like a group of rats deserting a flooded sewer!
  • Their board members seem more interested in lining their pockets than putting pen to paper on big name signings. (and keeping the existing big names)
  • They have lost their ability to pull out results, even on their worst playing days.

Sure Chelsea have instability with Abramovich at the helm and Manchester City have got nothing to offer but a big oil funded cheque book, but they surely would be a better career path for someone of guardiola’s talent? You would think that Manchester United would be his next destination, but would you really want try and continue a legacy left by the great man himself, Fergie. Would you want to run the risk of taking charge of a club at its peak, and end up looking a failure?


In Arsenal, Pep probably see’s the opportunity to make a once great club, great again. does he think “I could turn this club around and make myself a legend.” In all fairness, he probably could. Surely things couldn’t get any worse for the Gunners right now. Losing to Bradford City in the Capital One Cup quarter final was a real low for Arsenal (and the fans too). A frosty Yorkshire evening, a League 2 side, a virtually full strength Arsenal squad and a chance the prove the critics wrong. Surely nobody predicted what was going to be one of the most greatest defeats for a league 2 side was going to happen. but it did!

So what can good old Pep bring to the Arsenal table?

  • A winning mentality?
  • A belief in his abilities that is neither arrogant nor egotistical? (unlike the “Special One”)
  • An attraction of some of the worlds best players?
  • An ability to utilise a youth team and mold them into word class talent?

I say all of the above are great attributes to any manager, making him a perfect fit for Arsenal right now.


The only questions that remain is will Arsenal want to see a money making machine like Wenger leave? And would they actually force him through the exit doors after all that he has done for them?

Ex England and Arsenal legend Ian Wright claims Arsene Wenger should be “worried” and that Theo Walcott is on his way to Manchester United in January.

Ex Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson reckons Wenger does not listen to his back room staff, that he is a “dictator” and that is the reason for their inconsistency.

I think they are both very possible aspects and the fragile nature that is now the Premier League could see an inspiring legacy that is Arsene Wenger ended, and a new dawn that is Pep Guardiola created. All we can do now is watch this topsy-turvy Arsenal show continue with great intrigue.



Taner Mehmet


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