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Highest Paid Managers in Football 2015


Highest Paid Football Managers 2015

Which managers takes home the most money a year? It’s usually the football players that dominate the talk when mentioning money in football, but the managers take home quite a staggering amount per-year also, with the richest manager earning £13.2million-a-year.

Now the managers earn nowhere near as much as the actual players do, but I’m sure they don’t complain at earning over £10m-a-year. Jose Mourinho has been the richest coach for several years and number one at many Top 10 richest coaches in the world lists.

A recent survey was taken to access how much money managers across Europe take home. In this survey, it calculated annual salary and also income from commercial deals and sponsorships.

Top-20 Highest Paid Managers

So after researching the survey and looking into the financial details, we have put together the top-20 highest-paid football managers from across the footballing world. Unsurprisingly three of the top five come from the English Premier League, but I’m sure some of the results will surprise you.

20) Roberto Mancini – £3.5m
19) Brendan Rodgers – £3.6m
18) Manuel Pellegrini – £3.8m
17) Antonio Conte – £3.9m
15) Luciano Spalletti – £4m
15) Luis Enrique – £4m
14) Roberto Di Matteo – £4.4m
13) Walter Mazzarri – £5m
10) Rafael Benitez – £5.1m
10) David Moyes – £5.1m

Top-10 Highest Paid Managers

10) Laurent Blanc – £5.1m
9) Jurgen Klopp – £5.3m
8) Sven-Goran Eriksson – £5.9m
7) Andre Villas-Boas – £6.25m
6) Fabio Capello – £6.6m
5) Louis van Gaal – £7.3m
4) Arsene Wenger – £8.3m
3) Pep Guardiola – £11.2m
2) Carlo Ancelotti – £11.4m
1) Jose Mourinho – £13.2m 

As you can see, a lot of the managers mentioned have previously worked in the Premier League, including the likes of David Moyes, Andre-Villas Boas and Roberto Mancini.

Jose Mourinho salary

However, it is Jose Mourinho of Chelsea who earns the most of all managers. The Portuguese takes home a whopping £13.2m-a-year. Lets break Down Mourinho’s pay per month and week.

Jose Mourinho salary per week

Jose Mourinho salary of £13.2m-a-year, meaning he earns just over £1m-a-month and £275k-a-week, which is similar to what top, top footballers earn.

Mourinho earns nearly £2m more than his closest rival, Carlo Ancelotti, who took over at Real Madrid once Mourinho decided to leave and re-join Chelsea.

So are you surprised by these figures? Any there you didn’t expect?

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Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt – @AlexsArticles


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