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“I’d NEVER coach Barcelona again!” – Guardiola


Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has said he will NEVER return to coach Barcelona.

Guardiola enjoyed many successes during his time with the La Liga giants, but stresses his time with Barcelona is done, and that he will never return to the Nou Camp as a manager – despite the fact he believes they are still the best team in world football.

There’s a lot of competition, the opposition are so strong,” said Guardiola. “You can win heavily or you can lose heavily, that can happen, it’s happened to me, but there are 90 minutes to go and anything can happen. If there’s a team who can do it, then it’s Barca, with their mentality.
“I will never go back to Barcelona to be coach there. My period there is gone.

“Barcelona are still the best team in the world. It’s always a surprise because they are so, so good, but in football anything can happen.

“When you have dominated world football, it’s normal that the people expect you to keep up that level, but my advice to you, knowing Luis and the players a little, is not to talk too much, because they will be back and prove you wrong.

“They’ve done it over the years, dominating football for 10 years, and they continue to be the best team in the world.”

The 46-year-old would prefer the cup competition to follow the Copa del Rey in Spain, where all ties bar the final are played over two legs, or Germany’s cup tournament, where drawn matches are decided with extra-time and penalties, without the need for a replay.

“In Spain, we play two games. I prefer that situation,” he said. “Maybe for the amount of games played, extra-time and penalties would be good

“But OK, I’m not here to decide the rules of how we play the competition, I’m here to play the competition in the way that the chairmen and the important people decide. I prefer the quality over the quantity. Not only here in England, all around the world. It’s a big mistake, so many games.”

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