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Jamie Redknapp says this star is “one of the best free transfers EVER”


Jamie Redknapp feels Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best free transfers of all time.

Speaking during a Facebook live event, Redknapp explained that despite Ibrahimovic having may doubters at the start of the year, he has proven that he deserves to be considered one of the best free transfers in history.

Ibrahimovic has become a key man for United since arriving, and has shown blistering form under Jose Mourinho

“In Ibrahimovic, they have a big player in every sense of the word. He has been a great signing,”

“I can’t lie, at the start of the year I thought ‘that’s a funny signing, will he get in the way of Marcus Rashford? Is he going to stop the development of any young players?’ But the truth it is one of those inspirational signings that happen every so often.

“If you do talk about Eric Cantona and the effect he had at the club on all the young players, Ibrahimovic is having a very similar one now.

“He’s the king there at the moment and he has been an inspired signing. Whoever bought him in whether it was Jose Mourinho or the owners, he has been one of the best free transfers ever.”

“I think so now [United to finish in the top four]. At the moment, you’re looking at the teams and wondering who is going to miss out because two good teams won’t make the cut,” he added.

“My top four if I was to pick at the moment is Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham and Man Utd, but it can soon change.”


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