Home Football Lampard believes Ole and him are judged differently

Lampard believes Ole and him are judged differently

Lampard believes Ole and him are judged differently

Frank Lampard coaches Chelsea. OGS manages Manchester United.

Both managers are former players and Lampard believes that they are judged differently. 

“We all have good times, bad times, this job is taxing and the last thing I’d want to do would be to make an opinion on Ole’s position – I think it’d be wrong,” said Lampard.

“I suppose I can answer the question – when you’ve played for the club, I think people do look at it with a different viewpoint. I think in certain tough times it can be very casual and very easy just to refer back to the fact you were a player and that’s why you got the job.

“That can be used against you and all you do is try and work against that. Whether it’s myself, Ole, or anyone else in that position – it’s not just us two that have taken that path, there are other managers. That’s kind of just how I feel about it.

“But one thing you can’t do is complain about it – you just get on with your job and I’m sure that’s exactly what Ole is doing behind the scenes as I do every day here.”

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