Manchester City Lauds Chelsea Effort To Curb Racism

Manchester City have lauded Chelsea’s efforts to curb racism after Raheem Sterling complained of alleged racist chant towards him.

During Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Manchester City at the Stamford Bridge TV cameras captured a Blues supporter hurling bad words what appeared to be racist abuses. The London giants have launched a search operation with the help of Metropolitan police but are yet to identify the culprit.

A number of recent events regarding racism have polluted the healthy football atmosphere and it has been a matter of concern for FA and the Premier League. Rules have been regulated quite regularly to reduce racism but fans need to be more sensible in a bid to stop this kind of things.

chief operating officer Omar Berrada said, “Chelsea have done a very good job at demonstrating that it is something that won’t be tolerated anywhere in football. In that sense we were very aligned.

“There was a really good collaboration between the two clubs to tackle this issue.

“It was a terrible situation to be in. We as a club offer all type of support as a player.

“Both from a moral support ensuring that Raheem (Sterling) felt he had the backing of anybody at the club and we also have worked together with different stakeholders to ensure we provide as much information so they can carry on their investigation.”

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