Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri:

“It’s really special to win because we send a big statement to our rivals that Manchester City is going to be a force. To win a derby, our fans today and tomorrow will be happy. It’s a special moment to win it like this.

“For us it’s a different feeling from last season. Today is a little bit of revenge. Last season everyone was sad because Robin (van Persie) scored a late free-kick. This time it’s different. We showed today in our team we have big players and produced a big performance.”

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini:

“It was a great win against Manchester United and no-one believes that 4-1 is possible before the game. We try to be the team that has possession of the ball and creates chances.

“It’s important to score the second goal before we finished the first half. But I think that is the way we are playing. We had a lot of chances and possession of the ball.

“It’s an important game for the team. And for the fans they will be happy for the month now.

“Winning a derby is a big match and we must continue improving. Every day we are improving.

“I think we have a squad with two important players in each position because we have a lot of matches. We think with less numbers of players in the squad it’s difficult to arrive in March without problems.”

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany:

“Maybe the game meant a little bit more to us than for them. We were looking forward to this fixture. We need to win these kind of games. There was no reason why we should fear the opposition.

“We played with two strikers, two very good strikers, and defensively we’ve had a good record for the past three years. It was mainly because we stayed so calm today.

“It’s too early to say it’s a defining game. You make a statement over the course of the season. But it would be silly to give away three precious points.

“When we won 6-1 at Old Trafford I said we need to stay humble. It’s only three points, but it’s a good game to win and it gives the fans something to celebrate over the next few days.”

Manchester United David Moyes:

“We didn’t play well enough to win the game. Manchester City played well and deserved the victory.

“If you lose four you are not expecting to win too many. We conceded poor goals. We needed to get closer in the second half but they get away and score more goals.

“We never got a grip of the game and we could never really stop them. We hoped to stem that tide in the second half. We got better as the game went on but it was too late.

“I thought Wayne Rooney’s performance was outstanding. He didn’t deserve to be on the losing side today. He was first class.

“The start to the season could be a lot better. We did say it could be difficult start. I wasn’t convinced when the balls came out of the Premier League bag and I’m still not convinced.”

Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic speaking to Sky Sports:

“From the first minute City tried to be aggressive and had more possession in the first 20 or 30 minutes. We didn’t really get in the game from the first minute.

“This is what we have try to learn from. We can’t look back. It’s horrible to lose the derby. It’s always horrible. It’s worse when you lose in this way. 4-0 down.

“We were never close to winning the game. That’s disappointing. We have to come back but from tomorrow we start to be positive and move on.”


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