Manuel Neuer Irritated By News Of Contract Negotiations Getting Linked

Manuel Neuer Irritated By News Of Contract Negotiations Getting Linked

Manuel Neuer is not pleased with news getting leaked about his contract negotiations with Bayern Munich.

His current deal is set to run out in June 2021 and there have been reports of Bayern playing hardball. This proceeded to link Neuer with a potential exit from Allianz Arena.

“I want to play as long as I’m fit. But the most important thing for me is trust,” Neuer said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag (via Onefootball). “It is clear to me that it would be fantasy for me to want a five-year contract. I’m 34 and can’t predict how I’m going to be at 39. That is why what has been publicly suggested makes no sense at all. I want a contract where FC Bayern and I have a win-win situation that everyone is happy with. I want to perform, be there for the team and do everything we can to ensure we have maximum success, with 100 per cent passion. The conditions must be right; that’s what it’s about.

“What irritates me is that all the conversations I’ve had here since I joined have always been conducted with great confidence. Nothing ever got out. Now, however, details from the current talks are constantly in the media, which are often not even correct. I’ve not experienced that at FC Bayern. It was always important to me to be able to work with the employees in management positions in a spirit of trust – as loyal as I am to the club as a player and captain. If things are now apparently being leaked out, it affects the area of ‘appreciation’.”

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