Pellegrini loses temper over questions about under fire keeper Joe Hart

After being asked the same questions week after week. Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini finally decided to refuse to answer questions about out of form Joe Hart after his poor performance against Germany this past week. 

Pellegrini finally lost his cool, and refused to answer questions on whether or not he would be picking Joe Hart for this weekends match against Tottemham.

However the Man CIty manager did answer the first few questions about his keeper saying ‘It was very important for him to play for England. It was a good test for him against Germany, and I thought he played very well. Will he be recalled against Tottenham? I don’t know yet. I will decide later. 

The next question again began with Hart’s name and was stopped by Pellegrini who snapped: ‘That’s enough about him. You can’t keep asking about the same player all the time. It is important to have a good team, a good squad, and that’s what we have here.’

Steven Rout – @Steven_Rout13

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