PL Club Official States Players Unwilling To Train Shouldn’t Be Paid

PL Club Official States Players Unwilling To Train Shouldn't Be Paid

An unnamed Premier League club official has expressed his annoyance at players not wanting to play.

He stated that if they don’t agree to train, their pay should be cut.

“I really don’t think they should be paid,” the club official said. “We are not sure what the situation is under their contracts at the moment.

“If you asked people in the street would you train and play football against people being tested twice a week, would you do it for £60,000 a week, they’d all say yes. It makes me very cross.”

A Premier League club owner, however, said that the decision to restart training could be agreed upon by most.

“I would hope that we can start small group training this week,” the club owner said. “The plan is then to move onto full contact training after a week.

“I’m expecting most, if not all our players back this week, but a lot of them are worried about playing games and contact training. I’d say it’s maybe as high as 40 or 50 per cent of them.

“All our players were tested this weekend with a view to training on Tuesday after we get the results late on Monday.”

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