Player to be expelled from club after using needles on the pitch

Player to be expelled from club after using needles on the pitch

South American centre halves are well known for pulling some tricks, however,  Sport Pacifico defender Federico Allende took it to a whole news level

Federico Allende has admitted to using a needle to poke opposing forwards.

Pacifico, a club in Argentina’s fourth tier, managed to win a 3-2 cup victory over top-flight Estudiantes on Sunday, however, Allende has  overshadowed their moment by bragging about his ridiculous sneaky tactics in a radio interview.

So instead of using the usual options of pulling the opponent’s hair or kneeing them in the small of the back, Allende somehow got a needle onto the pitch and took jabs at Estudiantes’ strikers a few times with it.

Speaking to Vorterix Radio, the defender said: “We knew that we had to play dirty against them and I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle.

“We know that top division players don’t like contact, they don’t like if we waste time or if we play dirty. So that was the way to do. Football is like that. Football is for the clever.”

Colombian forward Juan Otero, who was unfortunately  was on the receiving end of this treatment, and described Allende as a ‘nasty man’ after hearing his admission on radio.

Allende might not be feeling cocky with himself very soon, however, it seems the club president Hector Moncada has now vowed to expel him from the club, shocked at how his antics have distracted from a major cup upset.

“We are devastated. This incident has tarnished the team’s good work. I will expel him from the club,” Moncada told Clarín newspaper.

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