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Premier League cap away prices


All 20 Premier League teams agree to £30 cap

The Premier League have agreed to cap away ticket prices at £30 for the next three seasons.

Ticket prices have once again been dominating headlines throughout this season, with Liverpool fans in particular going up against their club’s decision to charge £77 for a match-day ticket.

A portion of Reds left Anfield during a game in sign of protest and it worked as the club soon retracted the price claiming they were out of touch with their fan-base.

Now after a meeting was held, which involved all 20 clubs, they have all unanimously agreed that more needs to be done to help the away fans throughout the season.

Therefore, starting from next season, all away tickets will be capped at just £30.

Away Fans Essential

In a statement released by the Premier League, they admitted that away fans were “essential for match atmosphere” and helped make the league unique.

It was also recognised that when on an away day, it’s not just the ticket you have to pay for, and that’s why they wanted to cap the ticket prices as much as possible.

People were protesting to get it capped at £20, but the Premier League and the clubs have agreed to a £30 cap.

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt

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