Home Football Real Madrid Desperate To Sell Gareth Bale To Tottenham For £15m

Real Madrid Desperate To Sell Gareth Bale To Tottenham For £15m

Real Madrid Desperate To Sell Gareth Bale To Tottenham For £15m

Real Madrid is looking to sell winger Gareth Bale – and for a while now.

Gareth Bale is by far the highest-paid player at Madrid, and Real Madrid isn’t sure how long they can keep affording his wages. He is definitely a drain on their financial resources, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, and are looking to sell him off for £15 million.

They are hoping to entice clubs to buy him for this low fee. However, clubs aren’t going to agree so easily – because the real problem is affording Bale’s wages. As of now, Tottenham is in the running to secure Gareth Bale this summer. Former Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov is but puzzled over the lack of playing time Bale is getting despite being in top form.

“When I heard that Gareth Bale didn’t want to play, I was surprised and even more surprised that Zidane revealed it to the media,” Berbatov told Betfair.

“Something is not right over there with him. If he’s fit, it is awful that he doesn’t play. When a player refuses to do that, it confuses me a lot.

“Gareth, I want to see you play football! He is too gifted to sit on the bench.”

Berbatov added: “People are so fickle. Zidane has won the Champions League three times in a row, Real had never been eliminated under him until their defeat to Manchester City.

“Now all of a sudden one blip and people are going crazy. People will build you up just to crash you back down again and it’s very wrong.

“It’s not the end of the world that they got knocked out of the Champions League in this crazy year. City are a very strong team, if you make mistakes you will get punished against them, that’s life.”

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