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Romelu Lukaku’s father says he should’ve moved to Al-Hilal and earned €45m a year

Romelu Lukaku - highest paid players in the English Premier League

Roger Lukaku discloses Al-Hilal’s lucrative offer of €45 million per year

Roger Lukaku, Romelu Lukaku’s father, voiced grief in a recent interview with La Dernière Heure about his son’s decision to join AS Roma rather than accept an offer from Al-Hilal during the summer transfer window.

“He made the right choice by going to Roma. But I would have been in Saudi Arabia. I told Jordan [Lukaku] – with whom the flow goes better – to give him my message that he had to go to Al-Hilal,” he said.

“How much would he have earned? €45m per year? And he would have signed for three years? He should have spoken to Tedesco to see if he could keep his place in the national team, like Ronaldo. Romelu has two children. He is already 30 years old. At some point you have to think about yourself, but he wanted to stay in Europe.”

Lukaku, who had stated that he had no future at Chelsea, received interest from Inter Milan, but a potential transfer fell through after he thought about the possibility of joining Juventus.

Chelsea intended to move the 30-year-old striker to Saudi Arabia, but Roma kept him in Europe. Despite a great reunion with manager José Mourinho and an impressive goal record of nine in 14 games, Lukaku was let down when Roma lost to Inter at the San Siro.

The reaction of Inter fans angered Roger Lukaku, who pointed out the animosity between him and his son since their family’s split.

“He is right to work with lawyers more than with agents, who only think about lining their pockets and not the interests of the player. It hurts me to see how he was treated in Italy,” Roger explained.

“You know that I turned off the TV at half-time during Inter vs AS Roma. It was hard. It’s like someone is whistling at me. I know he has elephant skin, but there are limits. Stress can cause physical injury. When we see what he did for Inter…”

In the interview, Roger stated that Al-Hilal had offered Romelu an offer worth €45 million per year, which he believes Romelu should have signed.

The father remains hopeful that this honest interview will act as an opportunity for reestablishing his poor relationship with his son, illustrating the desire to open a door to reunion.

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