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Sarri believes Ronaldo can tackle a “hundred problems”

Sarri believes Ronaldo can tackle a

Ronaldo gave a striking performance (literally) after he scored two goals that boosted Juventus as winners against Parma and came out as winners with a 2-1 score.

“We have a champion who sometimes creates a problem for you but solves 100 of them,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “The rest of the team has to revolve around him.”

“We can grow mentally and in the management of certain moments of the matches. I didn’t like the end of the game in which we dribbled in our half of the pitch, I prefer to do it close to the opponent’s area. Cristiano is a champion, who knows how to solve a hundred problems,” the club’s official website quoted Sarri as saying.

Ronaldo had chances for further goals, and Sarri was frustrated with his team’s inability to extend its lead and set up a straightforward finale. “The mental intensity can be improved, even the management of certain moments of the matches,” he said. “I don’t even like dribbling in our own half in the last few minutes.

“I would prefer to concede a goal on the counter-attack than in our own penalty area.

“Putting Higuain on at 2-1 was a clear message to the team: let’s end the game.”‘

“I have a fear for other things, not for football. Concern? Even that [would not describe it],” he said. “We are talking about sports.

“We know we have two very strong opponents. One is in an amazing moment that will hopefully not last long.”

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