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The 3 Highest Goal Scorers in the Premier League

The 3 Highest Goal Scorers in the Premier League

Whether you’re an avid football fan or you just fancy a flutter on the next game, knowing how well players have done previously is a must. Although no one can guarantee that any bet will be a winning one, doing your research helps to make sure that you can bet on premier league with the best possible chances of winning. Before you place any football bet make sure you read up on the latest football news so that you’re up to date with the latest goings-on. Football news, player gossip and even how well a team has done previously can have a massive effect on betting odds so it is essential that you keep up to date as much as possible so you can feel confident that you are placing the right bet at the right time.

The Top Goal Scorers

When you look into top goal scorer statistics, people will have their own options on what counts as the best or who should come out on top. For example, the highest goal scorer could mean how many they have scored ever, how many in a particular game or how many in a particular season. Each of these goal-scoring statistics are likely to have a different name against them.

The history of football is an interesting one, with many big-name players being proclaimed as players that simply won’t be beaten. However, as a general rule there is always someone that comes along and knocks them off of the top spot, but how far can that go?

The 3 Highest Active Playing Goal Scorers in the Premier League

There is no denying that there have been some big goal-scoring games throughout the history of the Premier League. As such, it is probably no surprise that throughout their career a number of players have some pretty big goal numbers under their belt.

The 3 Highest Goal Scorers in the Premier League

3 players that still enjoy an active professional football career and have big numbers of goals to their name are Romelu Lukaku, Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane.

Romelu Lukaku

He might only be 28 but Lukaka is a name that most football fans will recognise. In fact, he did so well within UK football leagues that he moved to Italy and enjoyed two football seasons there, racking up a further 47 goals to his name. During his time playing Premier League football Lukaka has scored an impressive 116 goals, right from his first games in the 2021/2013 season where he scored a total of 17 goals. However, he’s smashed it since then with 68 goals in just 141 appearances for one season – he’s played for various teams and always been a high goal achiever.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is definitely a name that English football fans will recognise; even though he didn’t play his first Premier League game until the age of 27. He might be considered a late bloomer in professional football standards, but 125 Premier League goals to his name show that he certainly didn’t let that hold him back. In fact, the 34-year-old is still going strong and very much considered a player to watch.

Harry Kane

Another well-known name within English professional football, Harry Kane has an impressive 167 goals within the Premier League to his name. Kane made his name a striker for Spurs; his 167 goal-scoring history means that on average he scored a goal every 126 minutes that he has been on the pitch. All eyes remain on him now to see whether he will manage to beat the highest ever Premier League goal scorer Alan Shearer – just 93 to go, which is doable going by his previous seasons.

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