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Top 10 Goalkeepers In The Premier League with Most Clean Sheets


Most clean sheets Premier League goalkeeper

Top 10 Goalkeepers  In The Premier League with Most Clean Sheets?  Wich is the goalkeeper with most clean sheets in the Premier League? Have you ever wondered who has the best record ? we have compiled a list using official statistics. The first goalkeepers to go on record with a Premier League clean sheet were Tim Flowers and Erik Thorstvedt this happened the opening day of the  season in a 0-0 draw between Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur, all the other goalkeepers on other teams conceded a goal that day.

Top 10 Goalkeepers In The Premier League with Most Clean Sheets

Chelsea Football Club goalkeeper Petr Cech and former Manchester United goalkeeping legend Edwin Van der Sar together held the joint record for the most clean sheets that was kept in a single season with 21 . Cech set this record in 2004-05 season, Thus becoming the first Premier League goalkeeper to keep 10 consecutive clean sheets in a single season. He then did it again in 2008-09, Van der Sar notched 21 clean sheets which made him the record holder for the most clean sheets in a season,While Petr Cech notched up 14 consecutive clean sheets that same season.

10. Tim Howard   – 122 clean sheets

Tim Howard is one of the Top 10 Premier League Goalkeepers with Most Clean Sheets of all time

Starting the list of Top 10 Goalkeepers In The Premier League with Most Clean Sheets is non other than Tim Howard, Currently playing for Everton Football Club, Howard has made a huge 366 appearances in the Premier League and has kept 122 clean sheets, The American has played for two Premier League Clubs, though he only got  16 clean sheets for Manchester United, The big man has 106 clean sheets with current Club Everton Football Club.



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