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Top 10 Premier League Stadiums


Top 10 Biggest Premier League stadiums

Which clubs have the biggest capacities in the Premier League? With Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United all making changes to their ground, whether it be renovation or moving completely, we thought we would take a look into the current biggest stadiums in the Premier League. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

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Liverpool are doing some expansion work on Anfield, whilst Spurs and West Ham have plans to change stadiums altogether in order to compete financially with the bigger clubs. The most seats in a stadium, the more in attendance, meaning the more money.

The Biggest stadiums in the Premier League

So we all know the biggest stadium in the Premier League as it’s fairly obvious, but what stadiums make the top-10 list? Lets find out!

10. Goodison Park – 39,572 Capacity: Premier League Stadiums

Goodison Park is one of the Top 10 Biggest Stadiums in The Premier League

Goodison Park is home of Everton Football Club and the stadium has a capacity of 39,572 seats after several changes over the years.

The stadium is only 3 kilometres away from the Liverpool city centre and was formerly known as the ‘Mere Green field’.

Goodison Park was opened on 24 August 1892.

Top 10 Biggest Premier League stadiums


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