Home Football Where should Cristiano Ronaldo play next season?

Where should Cristiano Ronaldo play next season?

Where should Cristiano Ronaldo play next season

The illustrious career of CR7 comes with its own curses.

For a man, who has scored 770 career goals, there is no adjective short of superlative that can define him.

However, as the game continues to appoint pundits for the sake of creating controversy, these greats go on getting pulled into unnecessary and unrealistic criticism.

Ronaldo joined Juventus back in the summer of 2018 as a 33-year-old. His marketing, profile and shirt sales alone put him in the profit bracket at Juventus despite the club spending hundreds of millions on his fee and salary.

For a second, let us keep that aside and look at it objectively from a football point of view. A player who has been the club’s highest scorer, broken Serie A records is now being accused for the club failing to win the toughest competition – simply because he has won it 5 times before.

And pundits of no significance have come out ‘reasoning’ that Juventus are in deep trouble as they have to carry CR7!

It is sad as they have either never kicked a ball in their life, or when they did, they were told to retire.

CR7 has a plethora of options as he always should. There are rumors with the Portuguese captain angling for moves back to Real Madrid or Manchester United. It will be a great love story for football, marketing success for the clubs and CR7 will have a fresh challenge – as he loves.

However, if anyone has seen Ronaldo, he would stay back and do the impossible – something he does not even have to but he will want to – deliver a UCL trophy to Juventus – simply to prove to the great pundits of the game that they are no better in their pseudo job than they were while kicking ball.

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