Chelsea vs Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head record and results? Chelsea and Arsenal have one of the most famous rivalries in English football. The two teams are the pride of London and have shared many memorable battles over the last few decades. Arsenal have had the edge in recent meetings, defeating Antonio Conte’s side in both the FA Cup and Community Shield finals this year.

We now look at the Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head stats and results between The Blues and The Gunners. The Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head and results since the year 2000 can indicate which of the teams has had the upper hand since 2000. The last two games between the two clubs have both ended in a win for Arsenal, but will this year’s fixture produce a winner? Well, we will soon find out when the teams face off.

Have a look at the Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head statistics below:

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head: record and results 2017

Ahead of Sunday’s clash between the Blues and the Gunners, we look at the matches the two teams have recently played. The Blues sit top of the in the Premier League table with 9 points, three ahead Arsenal. Should they win they will open up a sizeable gap over Arsene Wenger’s side, who can draw level with a win themselves.

The the Blues are third place in the Premier League standings with 9 points.

1Manchester United4310122+1010
2Manchester City4310102+810
5Tottenham Hotspur421173+47
6Huddersfield Town421142+27
9West Bromwich Albion42114407
10Newcastle United420243+16
12Stoke City41214405
14Brighton & Hove Albion411235−24
15Swansea City411225−34
17Leicester City410368−23
18West Ham United4103410−63
19AFC Bournemouth400418−70
20Crystal Palace400407−70

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Chelsea: Recently Played matches results

Here is a list of games Chelsea have played recently:

12 Sep 2017Chelsea v FK Qarabağ W6-0UEFA Champions League
09 Sep 2017Leicester City v ChelseaW1-2Premier League
27 Aug 2017Chelsea v EvertonW2-0Premier League
20 Aug 2017Tottenham Hotspur v ChelseaW1-2Premier League
12 Aug 2017Chelsea v BurnleyL2-3Premier League
06 Aug 2017Arsenal v ChelseaL1-1 (4-1)FA Community Shield

Arsenal: Recently Played matches results

Here is a list of games Arsenal have played.

14 Sep 2017Arsenal v 1.FC KölnW3-1UEFA Europa League
09 Sep 2017Arsenal v AFC BournemouthW3-0Premier League
27 Aug 2017Liverpool v ArsenalL4-0Premier League
19 Aug 2017Stoke City v ArsenalL1-0Premier League
11 Aug 2017Arsenal v Leicester CityW4-3Premier League
06 Aug 2017Arsenal v ChelseaW1-1 (4-1)FA Community Shield

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head: statistics 2017

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head statistics 2017? Here are the Chelsea vs. Arsenal statistics from all previous games. Chelsea and Arsenal has played 191 games since 1907. Arsenal has won most games against Chelsea. Arsenal has won 75 matches, Chelsea has won 62 matches and 54 matches has ended draw.

Chelsea Games won:62
Games drawn:54
Arsenal Games won:75

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results Since 1992

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head since 1992? Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head since 1992 English Premier League? Here is a full list of Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head results since 1992 in the English Premier League.

06 Aug 2017Arsenal v ChelseaL1-1FA Community Shield
27 May 2017Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1FA Cup
04 Feb 2017Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1Premier League
24 Sep 2016Arsenal v ChelseaL3-0Premier League
24 Jan 2016Arsenal v ChelseaW0-1Premier League
19 Sep 2015Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0Premier League
02 Aug 2015Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0FA Community Shield
26 Apr 2015Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0Premier League
05 Oct 2014Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0Premier League
22 Mar 2014Chelsea v ArsenalW6-0Premier League
23 Dec 2013Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0Premier League
29 Oct 2013Arsenal v ChelseaW0-2League Cup
20 Jan 2013Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1Premier League
29 Sep 2012Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2Premier League
21 Apr 2012Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0Premier League
29 Oct 2011Chelsea v ArsenalL3-5Premier League
27 Dec 2010Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1Premier League
03 Oct 2010Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0Premier League
07 Feb 2010Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0Premier League
29 Nov 2009Arsenal v ChelseaW0-3Premier League
10 May 2009Arsenal v ChelseaW1-4Premier League
18 Apr 2009Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2FA Cup
30 Nov 2008Chelsea v ArsenalL1-2Premier League
23 Mar 2008Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1Premier League
16 Dec 2007Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0Premier League
06 May 2007Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1Premier League
25 Feb 2007Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2League Cup
10 Dec 2006Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1Premier League
18 Dec 2005Arsenal v ChelseaW0-2Premier League
21 Aug 2005Chelsea v ArsenalW1-0Premier League
07 Aug 2005Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2FA Community Shield
20 Apr 2005Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0Premier League
12 Dec 2004Arsenal v ChelseaD2-2Premier League

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

06 Apr 2004Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2UEFA Champions League
24 Mar 2004Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1UEFA Champions League
21 Feb 2004Chelsea v ArsenalL1-2Premier League
15 Feb 2004Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1FA Cup
18 Oct 2003Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1Premier League
25 Mar 2003Chelsea v ArsenalL1-3FA Cup
08 Mar 2003Arsenal v ChelseaD2-2FA Cup
01 Jan 2003Arsenal v ChelseaL3-2Premier League
01 Sep 2002Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1Premier League
04 May 2002Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0FA Cup
26 Dec 2001Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1Premier League
08 Sep 2001Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1Premier League
18 Feb 2001Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1FA Cup
13 Jan 2001Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1Premier League
06 Sep 2000Chelsea v ArsenalD2-2Premier League
06 May 2000Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1Premier League
23 Oct 1999Chelsea v ArsenalL2-3Premier League
31 Jan 1999Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0Premier League
11 Nov 1998Arsenal v ChelseaW0-5League Cup
09 Sep 1998Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0Premier League
18 Feb 1998Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1League Cup
08 Feb 1998Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0Premier League
28 Jan 1998Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Cup
21 Sep 1997Chelsea v ArsenalL2-3Premier League
05 Apr 1997Chelsea v ArsenalL0-3Premier League
04 Sep 1996Arsenal v ChelseaD3-3Premier League
16 Dec 1995Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1Premier League
30 Sep 1995Chelsea v ArsenalW1-0Premier League
14 May 1995Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1Premier League
15 Oct 1994Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1Premier League
16 Apr 1994Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0Premier League
20 Nov 1993Chelsea v ArsenalL0-2Premier League
01 Mar 1993Chelsea v ArsenalW1-0Premier League
03 Oct 1992Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1Premier League
25 Apr 1992Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results Since 1907-1992

Here is a full list of Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head results since 1907-1992.

05 Oct 1991Arsenal v ChelseaL3-2League Division One
02 Feb 1991Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
15 Sep 1990Arsenal v ChelseaL4-1League Division One
17 Mar 1990Arsenal v ChelseaW0-1League Division One
30 Sep 1989Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
02 Apr 1988Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
03 Nov 1987Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1League Division One
07 Mar 1987Chelsea v ArsenalW1-0League Division One
25 Oct 1986Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1League Division One
29 Apr 1986Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0League Division One
21 Sep 1985Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
19 Jan 1985Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
25 Aug 1984Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
14 May 1979Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
16 Apr 1979Arsenal v ChelseaL5-2League Division One
27 Mar 1978Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
26 Dec 1977Arsenal v ChelseaL3-0League Division One
26 Oct 1976Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Cup
26 Dec 1974Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2League Division One
14 Sep 1974Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
13 Apr 1974Chelsea v ArsenalL1-3League Division One
17 Nov 1973Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0League Division One
20 Mar 1973Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1FA Cup
17 Mar 1973Chelsea v ArsenalD2-2FA Cup
20 Jan 1973Chelsea v ArsenalL0-1League Division One
02 Sep 1972Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
16 Oct 1971Chelsea v ArsenalL1-2League Division One
14 Aug 1971Arsenal v ChelseaL3-0League Division One
03 Apr 1971Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0League Division One
29 Aug 1970Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
17 Jan 1970Arsenal v ChelseaW0-3League Division One
27 Sep 1969Chelsea v ArsenalW3-0League Division One
14 Apr 1969Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
23 Nov 1968Arsenal v ChelseaW0-1League Division One
30 Dec 1967Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
26 Dec 1967Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
04 Feb 1967Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Division One
24 Sep 1966Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1League Division One
19 Feb 1966Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
04 Sep 1965Arsenal v ChelseaW1-3League Division One
06 Feb 1965Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
26 Sep 1964Arsenal v ChelseaW1-3League Division One
14 Mar 1964Arsenal v ChelseaW2-4League Division One
16 Nov 1963Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1League Division One
24 Mar 1962Chelsea v ArsenalL2-3League Division One
04 Nov 1961Arsenal v ChelseaW0-3League Division One
15 Apr 1961Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1League Division One
12 Nov 1960Arsenal v ChelseaW1-4League Division One
09 Apr 1960Arsenal v ChelseaW1-4League Division One
21 Nov 1959Chelsea v ArsenalL1-3League Division One
11 Apr 1959Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
22 Nov 1958Chelsea v ArsenalL0-3League Division One
08 Mar 1958Arsenal v ChelseaL5-4League Division One

Chelsea vs. Arsenal Head To Head Record & Results

26 Oct 1957Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
26 Dec 1956Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0League Division One
25 Dec 1956Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
24 Dec 1955Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0League Division One
27 Aug 1955Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
27 Dec 1954Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
25 Dec 1954Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0League Division One
15 Sep 1953Chelsea v ArsenalL0-2League Division One
08 Sep 1953Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2League Division One
06 Apr 1953Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0League Division One
03 Apr 1953Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
07 Apr 1952Arsenal v ChelseaL3-0FA Cup
05 Apr 1952Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1FA Cup
29 Aug 1951Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Division One
22 Aug 1951Chelsea v ArsenalL1-3League Division One
30 Aug 1950Chelsea v ArsenalL0-1League Division One
23 Aug 1950Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0League Division One
22 Mar 1950Chelsea v ArsenalL0-1FA Cup
18 Mar 1950Arsenal v ChelseaD2-2FA Cup
31 Aug 1949Arsenal v ChelseaW2-3League Division One
24 Aug 1949Chelsea v ArsenalL1-2League Division One
23 Apr 1949Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2League Division One
30 Oct 1948Chelsea v ArsenalL0-1League Division One
20 Mar 1948Arsenal v ChelseaW0-2League Division One
01 Nov 1947Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
01 Mar 1947Arsenal v ChelseaW1-2League Division One
20 Jan 1947Arsenal v ChelseaW0-2FA Cup
15 Jan 1947Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1FA Cup
11 Jan 1947Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1FA Cup
26 Oct 1946Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
18 Feb 1939Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0League Division One
07 Jan 1939Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1FA Cup
15 Oct 1938Chelsea v ArsenalW4-2League Division One
19 Feb 1938Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0League Division One
09 Oct 1937Chelsea v ArsenalD2-2League Division One
24 Apr 1937Chelsea v ArsenalW2-0League Division One
19 Dec 1936Arsenal v ChelseaL4-1League Division One
27 Apr 1936Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
12 Oct 1935Chelsea v ArsenalD1-1League Division One
06 Apr 1935Arsenal v ChelseaD2-2League Division One
24 Nov 1934Chelsea v ArsenalL2-5League Division One
28 Apr 1934Chelsea v ArsenalD2-2League Division One
16 Dec 1933Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Division One
22 Apr 1933Chelsea v ArsenalL1-3League Division One
10 Dec 1932Arsenal v ChelseaL4-1League Division One
02 Apr 1932Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
21 Nov 1931Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1League Division One
04 Apr 1931Arsenal v ChelseaL2-1League Division One
24 Jan 1931Chelsea v ArsenalW2-1FA Cup
29 Nov 1930Chelsea v ArsenalL1-5League Division One
11 Jan 1930Arsenal v ChelseaL2-0FA Cup
05 Jan 1924Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
29 Dec 1923Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0League Division One
24 Feb 1923Arsenal v ChelseaL3-1League Division One
17 Feb 1923Chelsea v ArsenalD0-0League Division One
14 Jan 1922Arsenal v ChelseaL1-0League Division One
31 Dec 1921Chelsea v ArsenalL0-2League Division One
11 Dec 1920Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
04 Dec 1920Chelsea v ArsenalL1-2League Division One
13 Dec 1919Chelsea v ArsenalW3-1League Division One
06 Dec 1919Arsenal v ChelseaD1-1League Division One
30 Jan 1915Chelsea v ArsenalW1-0FA Cup
15 Feb 1913Chelsea v Woolwich ArsenalD1-1League Division One
12 Oct 1912Woolwich Arsenal v ChelseaW0-1League Division One
28 Mar 1910Chelsea v Woolwich ArsenalL0-1League Division One
25 Sep 1909Woolwich Arsenal v ChelseaL3-2League Division One
03 Apr 1909Woolwich Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0League Division One
28 Nov 1908Chelsea v Woolwich ArsenalL1-2League Division One
07 Mar 1908Woolwich Arsenal v ChelseaD0-0League Division One
09 Nov 1907Chelsea v Woolwich ArsenalW2-1League Division One

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