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10 reasons Joey Barton is a straight up tool


There is nothing worse than watching a footballer who has a holier-than-thou attitude and act as if they are the god of the game.

What’s worse is when they are also a complete d*** all the time.

Joey Barton is just that person, this guy for years has put down world class or top players, from Neymar to N’golo Kante, to him it seems everyone is overrated.

The guy is a 24/7 jerk, not only is he an egotistical clown on the pitch, but off it he’s even worse.

Not only is there an abundance of crap spilling from his mouth all the time, whether it’s in the media or online, but the amount of despicable actions from Barton out in the public is just inexcusable.

Not the role model you want in anything let alone Football.

The big question is how in the hell did he manage to have, I guess what you would call a ‘career’ in Football?, he’s not that great and by any good managers standard, he’s not Premier League or European competition quality, Probably Sunday league at best, even still, most of those players are far better and most likely less douchy.

But I digress, let’s do what we came here to do and take a look at 10 reasons Joey Barton is a straight up tool.

10. Alex Bruce incident…

Took a swing at Tom Huddlestone’s groin and was then promptly sent off. That was his 9th sending off of his career and QPR went on to lose against Hull, 2-1. One of just many of the results that led to QPR”s relegation that season.

Just can’t control that temper Mr Barton…anger management?


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