Top 10 RICHEST football club owners! (Net worth)

Richest football club owners in the world

Who’s the richest football club owners in England? Who’s the richest football club owners in the world? Football these days, many would argue, has become much more about money than the actual game itself.

As sad as this is, there are some benefits. A lot of rich clubs facilities these days can improve players and help improve the quality of football we pay money to see.

The richest football club owners 2018

But which clubs in the world have the richest owners? Well, thanks to Forbes, now we know! Here are the 10 richest club owners in world football. Lets see who the most loaded guy in football.

10) John Fredriksen – Worth $9.9billion – Owner of Valerenga IF

Fredriksen amassed his wealth in the 80’s, making huge profits on oil during the Iran-Iraq wars. He is the majority shareholder of Norwegian side Valerenga IF.

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