UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017 Distribution & Breakdown 16/17

UEFA Champions League Each Season's Leading Goal Scorer

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016-17

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016-17? UEFA Champions League Prize Money Breakdown? UEFA Champions League Prize Money Distribution? How much Champions League prize money 16/17? What is the UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016-17? Champions League Prize money for winners?

Have you ever wanted to find out how much is the prize money for this seasons Champions League is? If you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016-17.

List of UEFA Champions League Prize Money Distribution 2016/17 Season

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2016-17? Below we have prepared a list on how many is distributed among the participating teams in the UEFA Champions League. But before we can any far you might also want to look at the following;

UEFA Champions League Prize Money Breakdown

How does the distribution system works? Here we will take a look at The UEFA Champions League Prize Money breakdown

The estimated yearly gross revenue from all UEFA competitions (Champions League, Europa League, UEFA Super Cup) is centralized and placed in 1 pot. UEFA has estimated that around €2.35 billion is to be generated during the 2016-17 Champions League season.

From central pot 12% (€282m) is deducted by UEFA  to pay the Admins organizing the event and the other to competition costs another 8% (€199.7m) is used as solidarity payments to clubs and national FAs.

UEFA Champions League Prize Money Distribution

From remaining €1.86 billion another 8% is reserved by UEFA for European football and remain with UEFA. The rest €1.7187 billion is used to distribute among clubs in both Champions league and Europa League. For 2016-17 season €1.3189 billion is allocated for Champions League pot and €399.8 million for Europa League.

Champions League Prize Money Table

The UEFA Champions League is the highest paying sports event in the world beating the World’s biggest event (The FIFA World Cup) by far.

UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Fixed Amount Distribution

Here is the Champions League Prize Money table:

STAGE Total Fixed Amount: €761.9 million
Playoff Bonus €50 million distributed to 20 teams who participated in playoffs. €2m each for playoff winners and €3 million each for eliminated teams.
Participation Bonus €12.7 million (Guaranteed) for each 32 teams who play in the group stages
Performance Bonus  €1.5 million for every win & €500,000 for every draw in group stages
Round of 16  €6 million each for 16 teams
Quarter Finals  €6.5 million each for 8 teams
Semifinals  €7.5 million each for 4 teams
Runner Ups €11 million
Final  €15.5 million
Potential Total See below

Champions League Prize money for winners?

Champions League Prize money for winners? Winner of 2016-17 Champions League can earn between €54m to €57.2m from “Fixed Amount” pot. Plus Market pool money which can easily elevate total earnings of winners from England, Spain, Germay or Italy around €100 million (prize money + market pool)

Champions League prize money changes

How much Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid earned during Last Champions League prize money distribution? Real Madrid defeated Atletico in the final of 2016 Champions League and pocketed minimum €94 million from their 2015-16 European campaign. While runners up Atletico de Madrid earned roughly €82 million.

Real Madrid earned around €40.6 million in market pool money plus €53.4m in performance based money taking total earnings from 2015-16 season to €94 million.

Atletico got €35 million in market pool plus €47m in performance based making grand total of €82 million for their 2015-16 champions league campaign.

UEFA Champions League prize money distribution 2015/16

Here is a full break down of how Champions Real Madrid and Runners up Athletico Madrid pocketed €94 million and €82 million respectively throughout the Champions League  2015/16 campaign.

Champions League 2015-16 Finalists prize money table

STAGE Real Madrid Atletico Madrid
Participation Bonus €12 million €12 million
Performance Bonus  €8 million (for winning 5 group games and drawing 1) €6.5 million (for winning 4 group games + 1 Draw)
Market Pool  €40.6 million €35 million
Round of 16  €5.5 million €5.5 million
Quarter Finals  €6 million €6 million
Semifinals  €7 million €7 million
Finals  €15 million (winners) €10 million (runner ups)
TOTAL  €94 million €82 million

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