Home Money Salary Luis Suarez Net Worth: How Much Is Luis Suarez Worth?

Luis Suarez Net Worth: How Much Is Luis Suarez Worth?

Uruguay's best player in the World Cup qualifier Luis Suárez

Luis Suarez net worth: How much is Luis Suarez net worth?

How much is Luis Suarez net worth? What is Luis Suarez net worth? Luis Suarez is an Uruguayan footballer who represents Inter Miami at club level and has been a notable player. Many have questions regarding Luis Suarez’s net worth, income and earnings. Watch & Bet on Football =>

He plays as a forward and is one of the most successful professionals in the history of this sport. A typical Luis Suarez player profile will feature trophies, mansions, cars and glitz galore.

Luis Suarez net worth: How much is Luis Suarez net worth?

He is the most successful Uruguay football player in the world. He has inspired generations’ worth of youngsters to take up the sport and succeed at the highest level. After a very lucrative career, Suarez has acquired quite a lot of wealth.

Luis Suarez Age, Length & Other Facts

Net worth: $72 million
Salary: €150,000-per-week
Date of Birth: Jan 24, 1987 (35 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.81 m
Profession: Football player
Nationality: Uruguay

Luis Suarez Net Worth How Much Is He WorthLuis Suarez net worth

In 2019, World’s Highest-Paid Athletes by Forbes, Suarez ranked sixtieth. The current Luis Suarez net worth is predicted to be around $72 million. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Luis Suarez salary per week

Suarez signed for Liverpool in 2011-2014. Luis Suarez salary at Liverpool was quite modest compared to his new salary at Barceona and later at Atletico Madrid. The Liverpool wages where not high during 2011-2014. The current Liverpool players salary is much higher and amoung the highest in Premier League.

Later Suarez signed for Barcelona in 2014-2020 and Atletico Madrid in 2020-2022. He was earning around €350,000-per-week at Atletico Madrid. That made Suarez the sixth highest-paid Atletico Madrid player. Since than he have played for the Uruguayan  team Nacional in 2022 and the Brazilian team Grêmio in 2024.

Luis Suarez house

Luis Suarez Net Worth How Much Is He Worth

Luis Suarez’s luxury home is located in Castelldefels, a province of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, The house was worth $5 million in 2018. Suarez bought it for €3 million.

It is located very close to his teammate star football player Lionel Messi. To be more exact, the chalet is located in the neighborhood of Bellamar, a quiet area away from the centre of the coastal town.

The house is on a plot of 2000 square meters and has 2 swimming pools (1 large and 1 small). One of the favourite areas of the house for the whole family is the impressive barbecue area, according to the player himself.

Luis Suarez Boots and Adidas deal

Before he joined Adidas in 2008, Luis Suarez wore Nike soccer boots. His long-time boot sponsor Adidas launched an alphaskin collection with the forward in 2017 and used him along with Messi and Pogba to launch their ‘Cold Blooded’ collection. Then in 2018, he signed with Puma.

No financial details of Suarez’s contract with Puma were disclosed, but Barcelona-based sports daily Mundo Deportivo stated that “it would be one of the highest sponsorships in the market in this regard” prior to the official announcement. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Luis Suarez Instagram and in Media

Suarez is the only Uruguay player with more than 43 million followers on social media.


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Buenos dias !!!! Unos mates en buena compania ??❤#SIMBA

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Luis Suarez sponsors

He signed with top endorsements companies such as Beats Electronics, Abitab, Antel, Cablevision, Garnier, Pepsi and Samsung.

In 2018, Gatorade launched its largest international campaign in history and its first in a specific sport with Suarez and Messi as friends turned rivals for the World Cup.

He also has endorsement deals with companies such as Tourism Malaysia, Tronsmart and Gome. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Luis Suarez family members

Luis Suarez was born to a poor family with African descent. His father Rodolfo Suarez worked as a porter, but things were bleak with his family’s financial situation while he was young. As a result of their financial condition, the family had to move to the capital, Montevideo when Luis was seven years old. Watch & Bet on Football =>

The wife of Luis Suarez is Sofia Balbi. Sofia was a big motivation for Suarez and a major reason why he eventually became a successful player.

Sofia, his childhood love, moved to Barcelona in 2003. Luis had to stay behind, but he was persistent to get into the spotlight at a European club so he could be close with his love. It was FC Groningen that brought Suarez to the Netherlands in 2006. Suarez flew to Barcelona during his days off to see his girlfriend. FC Barcelona is still the favourite club of Suarez.

In 2009, Luis and Sofia got married. They now have three children: Delfina, Benjamin and Lautaro. Their first child, Delfina, was born in 2010, one year after the couple married.

Luis Suarez Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Luis Suarez Worth 2024?

Luis Suarez tattoos

Luis Suarez has a few tattoos. He even has a matching tattoo with his wife.

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