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West Ham United and Marko Arnautovic affair coming to an end: Redknapp


Jamie Redknapp has provided a fantastic analysis of the current situation which might see Marko Arnautovic leave West Ham United for the Chinese Super League.

“It’s hugely difficult (for the club). It’s difficult for the player too,” Redknapp said.  “I’ve always heard he wants to play for a top-six club but the truth is, he wants to go to China. If you’re going there, you’re going there for the money – it’s a fact.”

“If someone’s offering you £300,000 a week, it’s hard to turn down. I get that if you’re that way inclined. But for me, it’s a difficult one. West Ham want to keep him, but if you’re going to get £40m for him, and he’s 29 – nearly 30 – you have to look at it because the last thing you want is unhappy players.”

“They had that a few years ago with Dimitri Payet and it doesn’t help the dressing room. You can’t afford to pay £300,000 a week, he’s not worth it, so I understand the position.

“If you say to him, ‘Stay until the end of January, get me goals and then I’ll sell you,’ that might be the ideal situation but to replace him is not easy.

“You want to keep him, of course you do, but West Ham will survive with or without him. You had it when Payet left, they’ve done it before. There’s always someone else who will come along, but you don’t want to be held to ransom by his brother – he needs to keep his mouth shut really.”

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