El Clasico Highlights 2020: Barcelona vs Real Madrid highlights today!

El Clasico Highlights 2020: Barcelona vs Real Madrid highlights today!

El Clasico Highlights 2020: watch the best Barcelona vs Real Madrid highlights today!

El Clasico Highlights 2020! What do you know about the El Clasico Highlights 2020? Check out a few exciting details of the El Clasico Highlights today 2020! With the new Clasico coming up this 1 March, let us take a quick look back at the El Clasico Highlights 2020 and further back!

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid highlights 2020: watch El Clasico Highlights 2019/2020!

Who are the best players who feature in the El Clasico Highlights 2020! Who are the managers who have a brilliant record in the El Clasico Highlights 2020? Know all that and more!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Highlights 2020: Last two years!

R.Home teamAway teamScore (T/H)Goals (Home)Goals (Away)
6 May 201836BarcelonaReal Madrid2–2 (1–1)L. Suárez (10), Messi (52)C. Ronaldo (14), Bale (72)
28 October 201810BarcelonaReal Madrid5–1 (2–0)L. Suárez (p. 30, 75, 83), Coutinho (11), Ar. Vidal (87)Marcelo (50)
2 March 201926Real MadridBarcelona0–1 (0–1)Rakitić (26)
18 December 201918BarcelonaReal Madrid0-0 (0-0) 

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5-1: Goals & Highlights 28 October 2018 

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2 March 2019:

The last El Clasico played  was back at the flag end of last season when Barcelona won 1-0 against Real Madrid thanks to a brilliant goal from Ivan Rakitic!

Best El Clasico Players Highlights & Goals!

Lionel Messi alongside Cristiano Ronaldo are obviously amongst the top goal scorers in El Clasico in the last decade. The dynamic duo have had an intense rivalry and El Clasico has been their ground where they have expressed their skills to show who is the best. Be it Messi’s magic hattrick against Real Madrid or Ronaldo’s winning header against Barcelona in a final, these two have been in the thick of the action. With CR7 now having left, it is Messi who rules supreme!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Highlights 2020: Overall history table

The two clubs have faced each other for over a century now. In 242 matches between the two teams, 51 has ended in draw while Barcelona have won 96 and Real Madrid 95!

In terms of trophies, it is Barcelona who are again ahead having won 94 trophies to Real Madrid’s 85. When it comes to individual honours or Ballon d’Ors, Barcelona and Real Madrid are again close with Barcelona having 12 while Real Madrid have won 11. However, of the 23 Ballon d’Ors together, Messi and Ronaldo have won 11 of them along!

El Clasico Highlights 2000-2004

First, check out these stats and all the El Clasico matches in the past two decades – starting from 2000.

DateR.Home teamAway teamScore (T/H)Goals (Home)Goals (Away)
26 February 200026Real MadridBarcelona3–0 (2–0)Roberto Carlos (5), Anelka (19), Morientes (52)
21 October 20006BarcelonaReal Madrid2–0 (1–0)Luis Enrique (26), Simão (79)
3 March 200125Real MadridBarcelona2–2 (2–1)Raúl (6, 36)Rivaldo (35, 69)
4 November 200111Real MadridBarcelona2–0 (1–0)Morientes (23), Figo (89)
16 March 200230BarcelonaReal Madrid1–1 (0–1)Xavi (58)Zidane (38)
23 November 200211BarcelonaReal Madrid0–0 (0–0)
19 April 200330Real MadridBarcelona1–1 (1–1)Ronaldo (16)Luis Enrique (32)
6 December 200315BarcelonaReal Madrid1–2 (0–1)Kluivert (83)Roberto Carlos (37), Ronaldo (73)
25 April 200434Real MadridBarcelona1–2 (0–0)Solari (53)Kluivert (56), Xavi (86)
20 November 200412BarcelonaReal Madrid3–0 (2–0)Eto’o (23), Van Bronckhorst (42), Ronaldinho (p. 75)

El Clasico Highlights

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights 2005-2008

10 April 200531Real MadridBarcelona4–2 (3–1)Zidane (6), Ronaldo (19), Raúl (45+2), Owen (65)Eto’o (28), Ronaldinho (73)
19 November 200512Real MadridBarcelona0–3 (0–1)Eto’o (14), Ronaldinho (59, 77)
1 April 200631BarcelonaReal Madrid1–1 (1–1)Ronaldinho (p. 20)Ronaldo (36)
22 October 20067Real MadridBarcelona2–0 (1–0)Raúl (3), Van Nistelrooy (50)
10 March 200726BarcelonaReal Madrid3–3 (2–2)Messi (10, 27, 88)Van Nistelrooy (4, p. 12), Ramos (72)
23 December 200717BarcelonaReal Madrid0–1 (0–1)Baptista (35)
7 May 200836Real MadridBarcelona4–1 (2–0)Raúl (12), Robben (20), Higuaín (62), Van Nistelrooy (p. 77)Henry (86)
13 December 200815BarcelonaReal Madrid2–0 (0–0)Eto’o (83), Messi (89)

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights 2009-2012

2 May 200934Real MadridBarcelona2–6 (1–3)Higuaín (14), Ramos (56)Henry (18, 58), Puyol (20), Messi (36, 75), Piqué (83)
29 November 200912BarcelonaReal Madrid1–0 (0–0)Ibrahimović (56)
10 April 201031Real MadridBarcelona0–2 (0–1)Messi (32), Pedro (55)
29 November 201013BarcelonaReal Madrid5–0 (2–0)Xavi (9), Pedro (17), Villa (54, 56), Jeffrén (90)
16 April 201132Real MadridBarcelona1–1 (0–0)C. Ronaldo (p. 81)Messi (p. 53)
10 December 201116Real MadridBarcelona1–3 (1–1)Benzema (1)Sánchez (29), Xavi (53), Fàbregas (66)
21 April 201234BarcelonaReal Madrid1–2 (0–1)Sánchez (70)Khedira (16), C. Ronaldo (73)
7 October 20127BarcelonaReal Madrid2–2 (1–1)Messi (31, 60)C. Ronaldo (22, 66)

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights 2013-2017

2 March 201326Real MadridBarcelona2–1 (1–1)Benzema (6), Ramos (81)Messi (18)
26 October 201310BarcelonaReal Madrid2–1 (1–0)Neymar (18), Sánchez (78)Jesé (90)
23 March 201429Real MadridBarcelona3–4 (2–2)Benzema (20, 24), C. Ronaldo (p. 55)Iniesta (7), Messi (42, p. 65, p. 84)
25 October 20149Real MadridBarcelona3–1 (1–1)C. Ronaldo (p. 35), Pepe (50), Benzema (61)Neymar (4)
22 March 201528BarcelonaReal Madrid2–1 (1–1)Mathieu (19), L. Suárez (56)C. Ronaldo (31)
21 November 201512Real MadridBarcelona0–4 (0–2)L. Suárez (11, 74), Neymar (39), Iniesta (53)
2 April 201631BarcelonaReal Madrid1–2 (0–0)Piqué (56)Benzema (62), C. Ronaldo (85)
3 December 201614BarcelonaReal Madrid1–1 (0–0)L. Suárez (53)Ramos (90)
23 April 201732Real MadridBarcelona2–3 (1–1)Casemiro (28), Rodríguez (85)Messi (33, 90+2), Rakitić (73)
23 December 201717Real MadridBarcelona0–3 (0–0)L. Suárez (54), Messi (p. 64), Al. Vidal (90+3)

Next fixture and how to watch the game online

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