Every Premier League Club’s Injuries heading into game week 8

Every player injury for every Premier League club heading into game week 8

As the Premier League battle intensifies, every club will be looking to field their best, however, that might not be as easy for some managers as there is quite a few injured players that will miss game time.

Everton are left with six players out, while Chelsea has three, City three, Arsenal have five stars out, so it’s going to be a rough week for a few clubs

Let’s take a club by club look at who’s injured going into game week 8.

ClubInjuriesPlayerConditionExpected Return *
Everton6P JagielkaHamstring Injury2 days
R BarkleyHamstring Injury1 month
J McCarthyKnee Injury2 days
R Funes MoriCartilage Knee Injury6 months
S ColemanBroken Leg1 month
Y BolasieACL Knee Injury1 month
Manchester United6M FellainiMCL Knee Ligament Injury2 weeks
P JonesKnee Injury1 day
M CarrickCalf Strain1 day
P PogbaHamstring Injuryno date
M RojoACL Knee Injury2 months
Z IbrahimovicACL Knee Injury3 months
Huddersfield Town6M HefeleAchilles Injury1 month
D WilliamsFractured Foot1 week
C QuanerCalf Strain1 day
S MounieHeel Injury1 day
K PalmerHamstring Injury1 month
J StankovicACL Knee Injuryno date
Watford6I SuccessKnee Injuryno date
N ChalobahKnee Injuryno date
Y KaboulHamstring Injuryno date
S ProdlHamstring Injury1 day
C CathcartKnee Injuryno date
T HobanACL Knee Injuryno date
Bournemouth6B SmithKnockno date
R FraserHamstring Injuryno date
J KingTight Hamstring1 day
C WilsonFitnessno date
T MingsBack Injury2 weeks
A FedericiKnee Injury2 months
Arsenal5S KolasinacHip Injury1 day
S MustafiThigh Strain1 month
L KoscielnyAchilles Injury1 day
C ChambersHip Injury2 weeks
S CazorlaPlantaris Injuryno date
Chelsea3N KanteHamstring Injuryno date
A MorataHamstring Injury5 days
D DrinkwaterCalf Strain1 day
Crystal Palace5S DannKnock1 day
R Loftus-CheekThigh Strain1 week
C BentekeKnee Injury1 month
W ZahaKnee Injury1 day
C WickhamACL Knee Injuryno date
Newcastle United5J ShelveyThumb/Wrist Injury2 days
C AtsuCalf Injury2 days
M RitchieMuscle Injury2 days
M HaidaraKnee Injuryno date
P DummettHamstring Injury1 month
Tottenham Hotspur4M DembeleAnkle Injury1 day
V WanyamaCartilage Knee Injury1 week
D RoseMCL Knee Ligament Injury1 week
E LamelaHip Injury1 month
Liverpool4S ManeHamstring Injuryno date
A LallanaThigh Strainno date
N ClyneBack Injuryno date
A BogdanACL Knee Injuryno date
Burnley4J WaltersKnee Injuryno date
T HeatonDislocated Shoulderno date
N WellsAnkle Injury1 day
D MarneyACL Knee Injury1 month
Brighton and Hove Albion4D PropperThighno date
S SidwellBack Injury1 month
B KayalBroken Leg2 days
S BaldockCalf Injury2 days
Manchester City4F DelphHamstring Injuryno date
S AgueroFractured Ribsno date
B MendyACL Knee Injury6 months
V KompanyCalf Muscle Strain1 day
Leicester City4W NdidiCramp3 days
B ChilwellKnockno date
R HuthFootno date
M JamesAchilles Injury2 weeks
Stoke City3B Martins IndiGroin Injury1 day
R ShawcrossBack Injuryno date
S IrelandBroken Leg2 weeks
West Ham United3P ObiangMuscular Injury1 day
J CollinsAnkle Injury1 week
E FernandesAnkle Injury1 day
Chelsea3N KanteHamstring Injuryno date
A MorataHamstring Injury5 days
D DrinkwaterCalf Strain1 day
West Bromwich Albion3H Robson-KanuMuscle Strain3 days
N ChadliBack Injury3 days
J MorrisonCalf Strain3 days
Swansea City2K Sung-yeungFitnessno date
K BartleyMCL Knee Ligament Injury1 month
Southampton2S LongKnockno date
M TargettAnkle Injury2 days