Griezmann will join United on only 1 condition!

Atletico Madrid Players Salaries 2017 (Weekly Wages) Griezmann

Manchester United have been long interested in Atletico Madrid’s player, Antonio Griezmann.

Griezmann was close to signing for the Reds in the summer but pulled out after the Spanish club were handed a transfer ban. Jose Mourinho is, however, interested in bringing the 26-year-old to the Old Trafford this month.

Along with the Reds, Barcelona are also interested in the £89m French international.

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It is believed that Griezmann turned down a £300k-a-week offer from the Reds. He will only join them if he is offered £400k-a-week!

According to The Sun: “The goalposts have moved significantly since the first attempt to sign Griezmann. The package offered last year which was agreed is now a lot less than what he wants next summer. It might be too much even for us to afford. The club is desperate to sign him but it is an awful lot of money. His people are making different demands which the club might be reluctant to give in to.”

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