Top Goal Scorers In El Clasico History – Highest Ever

Highest Goal Scorers In El Clásico History

Top Goal Scorers In El Clasico History? Who are the Highest Goal Scorers In El Clásico History? Who is the top goal scorer in el Clasico of all timeLionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? The ”El Clasico” is the biggest football match in the world without any doubt, it is watched on every continent in the world.

Lionel Messi took the Clasico’s by storm and hast still been performing very well in the Clasico’s. But since the arrival of Portuguese winger, Cristiano Ronaldo, at Real Madrid in 2009 the two has created a unique rivalry which has never been seen in world or any sporting event.

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FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highest Goal Scorer In El Clasico History

Top Goal Scorers In El Clasico History - Highest Ever

Real Madrid v Barcelona is the biggest rivalry game in world football. It has recorded the record number of view with approximate views of 400 million – 500 million sometimes 600 million views when it’s a cup game or a title decider. The two clubs being one of the biggest clubs in the world, the teams are filled with a number of superstars.

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Highest Goal Scorer In El Clasico History

Highest Goal Scorer In El Clasico History? Lionel Messi leads the all-time highest goal scoring charts in El Clasico. The Argentine Lionel Messi takes top place on the top goal scorers in the el Clasico with 21 goals 3 more than country man and former Real Madrid superstar Alfredo Di Stéfano who has 18 goals.

Lionel Messi has scored an incredible 21 goals in just 28 Clasico’s for the Catalans. The Argentine seems to breaking every record which comes his way and is arguably the greatest footballers of all times.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Rivalry

Cristiano Ronald and Lionel Messi one of the All Time Top Goal Scorers In “El Clásico” History

Since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo for the then world record fee of £80 million in 2009, the two have built quite a unique rivalry which has never been seen in world football or any sporting event. The Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry is the most talked about player rivalry in the world on which player is better than the other.

Lionel Messi has won the FIFA Player of the year award five times while the Portuguese has won the award three times and will be looking for his fourth this season, and looks like it will be his if his keeps up the good form to claim his fourth Ballon d’OR.

In terms of who is a more complete player between the two. I bet everyone would agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is more of an all-around player than the Argentine who lacks in some areas but that doesn’t mean Lionel is not a great player. Messi is equally as good as Ronaldo maybe even better than him. Agree?

Highest Goal Scorers In El Clasico History

You can probably guess who the highest goal scorer in El Clasico history is today. The battle between the two top goal scorers in El Clasico – Ronaldo and Messi is widely known. They question many ask is if one these top goal scorers is the highest goal socorer in El Clasico of all times.

Top Goal Scorers in El Clasico All-time

Today we have decided to look at the All-time leading goal scorers in the El Classico. We have laid down a top 18 list of all time top goal scorer in the Clasico matches over the years. Here are the Top Scorers in El Clasico all-time.

NOPlayerTeamCountryTotalLa LigaCupsEurope
1Lionel  Messi
FC BarcelonaArgentina211452
2Alfredo Di StéfanoReal MadridArgentina181440
3Raúl GonzálezReal MadridSpain151131
4Cristiano RonaldoReal MadridPortugal15780
5César RodríguezFC BarcelonaSpain141220
7Francisco GentoReal MadridSpain141022
8Ferenc PuskásReal MadridHungary14923
9SantillanaReal MadridSpain12930
10Hugo SánchezReal MadridMexico10820
11JuanitoReal MadridSpain10820
12Josep SamitierFC BarcelonaSpain10460
13Estanislao BasoraReal MadridSpain9810
14Jaime LazcanoReal MadridSpain8800
15Iván ZamoranoReal MadridChile8440
16MartínezFC BarcelonaParaguay8251
17Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaSpain9342
18Santiago BernabueReal MadridSpain8080

Most goals by a single player in an el Clasico game

Most goals by a single player in an el Clasico game?

Recent El Clasiso top goal scorers

El Clasico 3rd December 2016

Real Madrid leads the head to head results in competitive matches with 93 wins to Barcelona’s 90 while Barcelona leads in total matches with 109 wins to Real Madrid’s 97. The most recent El Clasico resultat ended 1-1 on the 3rd of December 2016 at Camp Nou. Luis Suárez scored 1-0 Barclona early in the game, but Sergio Ramos managed to equalize in the last minutes and the game ended 1-1 draw.

El Clasico 2nd April 2016

Real Madrid won the El Clasico with the result 1-2 at Camp Nou with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the late winner to make it 93 wins for Madrid in the Clasico.