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Zlatan needs 20 minutes to make impact


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that he only needs 20 minutes to make an impact when he was quizzed about the injury he suffered and how he plans to return from it.

When asked about his ability to return from setbacks, Ibrahimovic referenced his unforgettable debut. “I mean, I was out for a year and I came here 20 minutes against your favourite team and showed them something they have never seen before. So, I need 20 minutes, not more,” he said. “I felt tightness [in my Achilles] and it was growing and it was painful, but I kept playing because I had too much adrenaline and because I knew I would score, so I didn’t want to step out,” he added. “I wanted to win the first game, so I stayed, but I had a lot of pain. But I feel good and it’s all about how long you can keep it and that I don’t know. That you have to find out when you play. So if I feel good enough, I’m playing, if I don’t feel good enough I won’t.”

The 37 year old veteran has performed all over Europe in multiple clubs and is now spreading his magic in LA, America as well.

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