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Should Ballon d’Or take into consideration team performances?


In the wake of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or, Bayern Munich midfielder Franck Ribery has complained and lashed out at the voting policy as he feels he should have won the prestigious award.

The French international was nominated along with Ronaldo and also FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi, but due to the Argentine being injured for around three months late last year, he was highly doubted over winning the prize.

With the majority of football fans backing Ronaldo to win it due to his sensational performances throughout 2013/2014, there was no surprise that the Portuguese-star took home the award, however that decision has clearly rattled Ribery, who gave an interview with AZ just days after the ceremony.

Ribery was quoted saying: ‘I won everything I could win with Bayern and individually. Ronaldo, on the other hand, did not win anything. I am not sad that I missed out, but it does hurt a bit. I deserved to win the Ballon d’Or’.

Throughout last season’s campaign, Ribery picked up the Bundesliga title, the German cup, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and Club World Cup (this season), whilst Ronaldo won nothing with Real Madrid.

The Frenchman then continued by claiming the voting deadline was extended so that they could see how Ronaldo would perform against Sweden in the World Cup Qualifiers, and as we all know, it was he who guided the Portuguese to yet another World Cup.

‘It was clear that Ronaldo would win it’, Ribery added. ‘The voting deadline was extended by two weeks. This had never happened before. It wasn’t about football. It was a political decision.’

With the Munich star clearly frustrated about the way the Ballon d’Or is judged, I thought it would be a good idea to ask fans how they feel about the award and whether or not team performances should be taken into consideration.

Here are some of their comments:

Ed Batt: “It’s an award for an individual so should not take into account team performances…if you look at Ribery’s contribution to Bayern, it’s not a fraction on Cristiano’s contribution to Madrid/Portugal.”

Joel Darby: “The Ballon d’Or should be an individual’s contribution to a team and the success that comes as a result. The contribution must outweigh the success however otherwise Bale, who is clearly World Class, wouldn’t even get a nomination because of Spurs/Wales having little success.”

Ayman Jaouni: “It may not be a team award, but it is a team game…. What if it was Ribery vs 11 people, how well would he do alone? I would say team performance must have some sort of inflluence. However, at the same time, individual skill and interactiveness should be considered becasue as you mentioned it is an individual award.”

Nicolas Prodöhl: “It’s not a team award, but the difference between Messi and Ronaldo every year is that Barcelone won championship… So they gave it to Messi. And now, Bayern won everything but they gave it to Ronaldo. Everyear, it’s not the same rules…”

Tim Shunom Yako: “Definately individual performance. Because it is Cumulative of both Club and Country.”

Matas Pakalnis: “No maybe team of the year should of been Bayern Munich but personal award is the Ballon d’Or which Ronaldo earned.”

Andreas Nattfalk: “Individual of course! Its not a team award.”

Arman Madjidian: “He was a piece of puzzle in an already overpowered team.”

Slim Esperanza: “I think that considering the team titles when it comes to the “ballon d’Or” is not fair because you’ll be choosing the best team not the best player.So ribery dosen’t deserve it anyway he’s not better than Messi or Ronaldo.”

Filip Conzo: “Individual for me because the Ballon d’Or only for one person……not the whole team.”

Rory McMahon “Individual… its not a team award…”

Steve Milne: “I think he is just bitter he didnt win it, and saying that he should of because bayern won everything is bordering on childish, its about performance of an individual player not really about a whole teams performance.”

Ben Reardon: “In some cases they should yes, as Ribary contributed to a superb season, but then again, its an individual award, and ronaldo deserved it.”

Jonathan Keen: “Yes, they should, Ribery played a huge part in Bayern’s performance. Which lead them on to so many victories.”

So who’s comment do you agree with? 

Write your thoughts below!

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt – @AlexsArticles


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