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United have their very own Luis Suarez – but he is banned from football!

United have their very own Luis Suarez - but he is banned from football!

Luis Suarez is perhaps one of the most controversial footballers to have played in the English Premier League.

And that is not easy to do given the entertainers and controversial characters like Joey Barton, Eric Cantona, Zlatan and many more to have also played in the same league.

Suarez, in fact, made it to the entertainment books of world football first not through his goalscoring exploits but for getting sent off in a World Cup knockout match in 2010 versus Ghana for causing a deliberate handball on the goal line to stop the African team from winning the watch. Ghana eventually went on to lose in the penalty shootout.

However, since then he has outdone himself occasion after occasion – be it for his disgusting racist remark towards Patrice Evra or for biting on three different occasions inside a 10 year period.

Naturally, despite being one of the best goal scorers in the modern-day game, he is not always held in high regard.

It would seem that now he has a worshipper. And that too to make ironical, it is his former team Liverpool’s arch-nemesis Manchester United’s loanee player Kieran O’Hara.

The United pro plays as a goalkeeper. So how is he similar to Suarez?

Well he has gone out a limb and bitten his opponent in a match – sounds Suarez much?

The Burton and Albion goalkeeper bit the arm of Peterborough striker Sammie Szmodics and has now been slapped with a six-month ban by the FA with an extra-fine of £2,500.

“The referee said if an allegation had been made, he had to put it in his report, which is understandable,” Albion manager Nigel Clough said on Wednesday.

“But we are very surprised it got to that stage.

“Peterborough haven’t chased it.

“It literally has come from the referee, who has to report it when the allegation is made, and the FA have chosen to charge him.”

It is embarrassing for a professional to conduct himself in this way. We may choose to look at the funny side of it but it remains a dark and unwanted action in a world of fun-filled drama.

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