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A Guide for Betting on Women’s Football

A Guide for Betting on Women's Football

Guide for Betting on Women’s Football

Betting on Women’s Football! Women’s football rarely appears in news headlines or attracts large TV viewership. Yet sports betting has been an unexpected partner in promoting the sport.

Over the years, there has been a shift in focus among football fans, whose passion is unmatched among sports enthusiasts. Women’s football features talented players that stage exciting matches, attracting the attention of sports bettors.

Sportsbooks are catching on to the trend by offering coverage of professional women’s football leagues. Although, on the surface, wagering on men’s and women’s football shares similarities, the relative anonymity of women’s football, requires a slight adaptation from a betting point of view.

Take advantage of our guide and educate yourself on the fundamentals of betting on women’s football.

Only Bet on Safe Sports Betting Sites

There is no real reason to register on a sports betting site if the coverage of women’s football is lacking. Checking the available betting markets is a priority, but safety is equally important. Opening a sportsbook account is similar to a bank account, considering players share personal info and deposit funds. The best method for making the correct choice is to follow these criteria:


The easiest way to ascertain the credibility of a sportsbook is to look for a license number in the footer. A licensed site must respect the industry standards, and any potential issue can get legally resolved. Search for platforms with a license from UKGC, MGA, AGCO, and Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


Reputable sportsbooks invest in SSL encryption systems to prevent the illegal siphoning of personal and financial data. The padlock icon on the site’s address bar indicates a platform is compliant with the latest security features.


Reviews from bettors are a good measure of trustworthiness. Investigate a site by googling the brand and seeing if any negative press appears. Check the gambling forums for extra info.

Find the best odds

The odds are typically competitive, but some newer sportsbooks can be more generous, so always scan the current offer before submitting a betting ticket. Affiliate websites update the best real money betting offers from multiple casinos daily.

Popular Bet Types

Football rules are the same for any gender, meaning the same betting types apply when wagering on women’s football. Nevertheless, a crash course will help you prepare for making the next betting ticket.


It’s a primary bet type challenging bettors to predict the victory in the match or if they are bold to wager on a tie. For each of the three options: favourite, underdog, or a draw. Adequate decimal, fractional or American odds are present for each option.

Parlay Bets

Football fans prefer to use parlay bets because they enable them to combine several wagers on one betting slip. The advantage is the odds increase with every match added, and so does the risk. Bettors only win if every prediction pans out.

Total Bets

Football is a low-scoring sport, but that does not stop bettors from guessing how many goals will get netted during a match. The objective is to predict if the combined score will be over or under the suggested number. A typical total in football is 3.5, but it can be lower or higher.

Double Chance

A tie is not a frequent outcome in sports, and football’s acceptance of a tie ending gave birth to the double chance bet. In essence, bettors can choose 2 out of the 3 outcomes. They can select if team A will win or play a draw, and the same applies to team B. The third option is for both teams to win.

Goal Line

Point spread betting is not frequently used in football, but it’s on the menu, so it gets our attention. The concept is subtracting goals from the expected winner and transferring them to the underdog. The selected team must cover the difference in goals.

Proposition Bets

Prop bets offer hypothetical scenarios, like which team will score first or win the first half. How many yellow cards will there be or penalties? These are entertaining bets, but not every sportsbook gets as creative, and some don’t offer them.

Women’s Football Competitions to Bet On

The professional aspect of women’s football is still in an embryonic stage, but investments in recent years have moved things in the right direction. That’s evident from the growth of numerous leagues around the globe.

Although tournaments that feature national teams steal the spotlight, bettors are beginning to gravitate to domestic leagues.

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup: Fans live for the World Cup, and the ladies manage to recreate part of the football hysteria that consumes the world every 4 years when the 24 qualified nations compete against each other for the title of World Champion. Four national teams have won the trophy in the 8 tournaments held since 1991.
  • Women’s Super League: England’s best women’s football competition features 12 teams in a season-long competition. With 5 titles, Chelsea F.C.Women is the most successful club in the 12 seasons since the league’s founding.
  • Women’s Champions League: Every big European club like Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and many others have female teams, and for the past 21 years, they have competed in the UEFA Champions League, providing bettors with an inventory of matches. French club Lyon has 8 titles, while the only English team to win a Women’s Champions League title is Arsenal.
  • Copa América Femenina: The South American tournament, starting in 2022, will be held every 2 years, with 10 qualifying teams participating. So far, Brazil has won 8 titles.

Final Thoughts

Betting on women’s football competitions is as easy as it can be when you find the right bookie. Take into consideration the license, the security, and the reputation of the sportsbook you’re interested in. After a bit of research on these things, you can also look up the bonuses and odds they have to offer.

Remember that you don’t have to stick to one bookie in particular if, at some point, it doesn’t suit your needs anymore.

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