Champions League Table: League Results And Fixtures 2019/20

Champions League Table: League Results & Fixtures

Looking for the UEFA Champions League winners tableChampions League table and fixturesUEFA Champions League fixtures table? The answer to these questions are all right here!

The UEFA Champions League is the grandest stage in world football – when the biggest clubs converge and fight it out for the top title. It is an elite knockout competition which starts off from a league format right after qualifying. One of the most attractive aspects of it is when clubs get to face each other two times until they reach the final to nullify the advantages of playing at home.

It was first introduced as the European Champions Clubs’ Cup in 1955. At first, it was a simple knockout competition for clubs who were the winners of each national championship. The tournament took on its current name in 1992, allowing teams from across all of Europe through various processes of qualifying. That meant, simply champions won’t get to take part in the competition but all the top contending teams.

Clubs that fall in the second tier and not eligible for the Champions League can qualify for the UEFA Europa League. The Champions League has a preliminary round, three qualifying rounds and a play-off round, all played over two legs. The six teams that survive join the rest of the 26 teams in the ultimate tournament.

Champions League Table: Here are all the news about 2019/20 Champions League groups!

Of course, the Champions League final tournament is set up through the form of draws. The first 32 teams are drawn into eight groups of four teams. They play each other twice which is called the double round-robin format. Two teams get to progress from each group to progress to the round of 16 and the remaining teams get dropped down to the Europa League. The winner of the Champions League gets to secure their place in the next season’s tournament. They also get to play in the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Champions League Table League Results And Fixtures

UEFA Champions League Table

Group A
1 Paris Saint-Germain65101721516Advance to knockout phase
2 Real Madrid6321148611
3 Club Brugge6033412−83Transfer to Europa League
4 Galatasaray6024114−132
Group B
1 Bayern Munich66002451918Advance to knockout phase
2 Tottenham Hotspur63121814410
3 Olympiacos6114814−64Transfer to Europa League
4 Red Star Belgrade6105320−173
Group C
1 Manchester City64201641214Advance to knockout phase
2 Atalanta6213812−47
3 Shakhtar Donetsk6132813−56Transfer to Europa League
4 Dinamo Zagreb61231013−35

The UEFA Champions League results and table will be noted as the competition progresses.

Group D
1 Juventus6510124816Advance to knockout phase
2 Atlético Madrid631285310
3 Bayer Leverkusen620459−46Transfer to Europa League
4 Lokomotiv Moscow6105411−73
Group E
1 Liverpool6411138513Advance to knockout phase
2 Napoli6330114712
3 Red Bull Salzburg6213161337Transfer to Europa League
4 Genk6015520−151
Group F
1 Barcelona642094514Advance to knockout phase
2 Borussia Dortmund631288010
3 Inter Milan621310917Transfer to Europa League
4 Slavia Prague6024410−62

Champions League Table League Results And Fixtures

Champions League fixtures table can be found here!

Group G
1 RB Leipzig6321108211Advance to knockout phase
2 Lyon62229818
3 Benfica62131011−17Transfer to Europa League
4 Zenit Saint Petersburg621379−27
Group H
1 Valencia632197211Advance to knockout phase
2 Chelsea6321119211
3 Ajax6312126610Transfer to Europa League
4 Lille6015414−101

Champions League Live Table: All Champions League groups updated in real time!

The UEFA Champions League stretches across an entire year. It starts in June and ends next year in May. For real time updates, you can check out the official UEFA site!

UEFA Champions Winners Table

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Champions League Final

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