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The Pros, Cons and Peculiarities of Football Accumulators

The Pros, Cons and Peculiarities of Football Accumulators

What are the pros, cons and peculiarities of football accumulators?

Football accumulators are bets that combine four or more selections from different games into one wager. They have great appeal with punters because there is the potential to win big from only a small stake if all your picks are correct.

All good football betting sites in the UK have quick, convenient acca betting available. But football accas are a very polarising form of betting, and there are punters who refuse to touch them with a barge pole.

So what are the pros and cons of placing football accumulators? What are some peculiarities that you should be aware of before you place your bets? Here are some points to consider.

Pros of Acca Football Bets

Higher odds and payouts: The main attraction of football accumulators is that they offer much higher odds and payouts than single bets do. For example, if you bet £10 on four teams to win at odds of 2.00 each (£40 staked in total), your potential profit would be £40.

However, if you threw those four same selections into an acca then the potential profit would roll in at £150 from just a £10 stake. Just a £3 stake would exceed the potential profit of £40 from playing the bets as singles in which a total of £40 was risked.

It is why in such scenarios punters normally dial back the amount of stake when it comes to a football acca. They are higher risk with big odds, so the balanced approach is to stake less.

More excitement and entertainment: Football accumulators can make watching multiple games more exciting and entertaining, that is because you have a vested interest in multiple outcomes.

You can also follow your progress on live score apps or websites and cheer for your teams as they play. It ramps up the excitement.

More options and flexibility: Football accumulators allow you to bet on various markets and leagues across different countries and continents. You are not locked into match-winner selections for an acca.

You can mix things up with the likes of Over/Unders or Both Teams To Score selections. For accas, you can mix and match selections according to your preferences and knowledge as much as you can for single bets.

Some Football Acca Betting Cons

Higher difficulty: The first and most obvious drawback of football accumulators is that they are very difficult to win. As each selection depends on the previous one, one wrong pick can ruin your entire bet. Think of them as a house of cards waiting to tumble.

Greater Risk: The probability of winning an accumulator decreases exponentially as you add more selections. For example, if each selection has a 50% chance of winning, a four-fold accumulator has only a 6.25% chance of winning.

More variance and frustration: Football accumulators can be the source of great betting variance and frustration. For starters, seeing four legs of a fivefold acca win and then to have it come undone by a losing final leg can be stressful. As they are a harder type of bet to win, long-losing streaks may be experienced if accas are all you play.

Features For Accas

Football accumulators are peculiar things. They are exciting and frustrating in equal measure. But there are some external factors that you can add to them, to start to make them work further in your favour.

Cash-out feature: Most bookmakers offer a cash-out feature for football accumulators, which allows you to take a partial profit or loss before all your selections are settled. Settling an acca early when the last leg of one is winning instead of letting it ride, is common practice.

Acca insurance: It is also worth taking a look around for bookmakers that offer acca insurance for football betting. What this does is refund a free bet if just one selection lets you down. It’s a great bonus feature if you want to reduce some risk or cushion some bad luck when playing an acca.

Acca boost: On the other side of things, winning accas can be boosted. Bookmaker acca features give you an extra percentage bonus on top of your winnings if all your selections are correct.

Edit A Bet: Some bookmakers allow you to edit an active acca, either adding or removing selections on the fly.

Football Accas – Yes Or No?

Football accas can be a fun aside to more mainstream bets like match outcome and Over/Under win singles. It’s worth starting small if you are diving into football acca betting like a fourfold selection of odds-on-home wins. Even that is a tricky thing to pull off most of the time.

Football accumulators are one of the most divisive bets in football betting, but they are intriguing things and can bring a lot of entertainment to the table. Ultimately, football accumulators are not for everyone, but they can be fun and sometimes profitable when done right and when luck is on your side.

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