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UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022: Confirmed Fixtures, Matches, Dates & Time Table for 2022!

UEFA Nations League Schedule

UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022: Fixtures, Matches, Dates & Time Table

UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022 Fixtures, Matches, Dates & Time Table? When is the Nations League 2022 starting in 2022? Which cities, arenas and stadiums are going to host the Nations League 2022 tournament? Watch & Bet on Fotboll Here =>

Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022 Fixtures, Matches. Dates and Time Table.

UEFA Nations League Schedule

UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022: Fixtures, Matches, Dates & Time Table

The UEFA Nations League 2022 is about to kick off. The 3rd edition of the UEFA Nations League is scheduled to play across 55 Nations League countries from 1 June to 27 September 2022. Watch & Bet on Fotboll Here =>

Stadion Miejski Wrocław will be hosting the opening game of Nations League 2022 on June 1 from 5:00 PM onwards. Meanwhile final is scheduled to be hosted next year due to the FIFA World Cup 2022 taking place in Qatar this year. If France qualifies, they will be the title defending champion in UEFA Nations League in 2022.

55 national football teams will be competing in this Nations League football event for men.

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UEFA Nations League 2022 Group Schedule: Group Stage Phase Fixtures

List of the 2022 Nations League Group Fixtures? Group Stage phase matches will take place from June 1 as the Group Stage matches will be played.

Here is the confirmed schedule for UEFA Nations League 2022 Group Stage Phase Fixtures. Here you will find all dates and times for all groups played in 2022.

UEFA Nations League 2022 Group Stage Fixtures

Here you will find all dates and times for all Nations League Group Stage fixtures played in 2022.

Date Fixtures Watch&Bet
Wednesday 1st June Poland vs Wales Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Bulgaria vs North Macedonia Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Cyprus vs Kosovo Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Estonia vs San Marino Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Georgia vs Gibraltar Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Czech Republic vs Switzerland Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Israel vs Iceland Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Northern Ireland vs Greece Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Serbia vs Norway Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Slovenia vs Sweden Watch&Bet>
Thursday 2nd June Spain vs Portugal Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Kazakhstan vs Azerbaijan Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Latvia vs Andorra Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Belarus vs Slovakia Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Belgium vs Netherlands Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Croatia vs Austria Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June France vs Denmark Watch&Bet>
Friday 3rd June Liechtenstein vs Moldova Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Armenia vs Republic of Ireland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Finland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Hungary vs England Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Lithuania vs Luxembourg Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Italy vs Germany Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Montenegro vs Romania Watch&Bet>
Saturday 4th June Turkey vs Faroe Islands Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June San Marino vs Malta Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Cyprus vs Northern Ireland Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Gibraltar vs North Macedonia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Bulgaria vs Georgia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Czech Republic vs Spain Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Kosovo vs Greece Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Portugal vs Switzerland Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Serbia vs Slovenia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 5th June Sweden vs Norway Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Latvia vs Liechtenstein Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Andorra vs Moldova Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Austria vs Denmark Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Belarus vs Azerbaijan Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Croatia vs France Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Iceland vs Albania Watch&Bet>
Monday 6th June Slovakia vs Kazakhstan Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Finland vs Montenegro Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Romania Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Faroe Islands vs Luxembourg Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Germany vs England Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Italy vs Hungary Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 7th June Lithuania vs Turkey Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 8th June Belgium vs Poland Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 8th June Republic of Ireland vs Ukraine Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 8th June Scotland vs Armenia Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 8th June Wales vs Netherlands Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Gibraltar vs Bulgaria Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Greece vs Cyprus Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Kosovo vs Northern Ireland Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Malta vs Estonia Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June North Macedonia vs Georgia Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Norway vs Slovenia Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Portugal vs Czech Republic Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Sweden vs Serbia Watch&Bet>
Thursday 9th June Switzerland vs Spain Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Azerbaijan vs Slovakia Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Moldova vs Latvia Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Albania vs Israel Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Andorra vs Liechtenstein Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Austria vs France Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Belarus vs Kazakhstan Watch&Bet>
Friday 10th June Denmark vs Croatia Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Ukraine vs Armenia Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Faroe Islands vs Lithuania Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Republic of Ireland vs Scotland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June England vs Italy Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Hungary vs Germany Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Luxembourg vs Turkey Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Montenegro vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Netherlands vs Poland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Romania vs Finland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 11th June Wales vs Belgium Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Northern Ireland vs Cyprus Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Georgia vs Bulgaria Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June North Macedonia vs Gibraltar Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Norway vs Sweden Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Greece vs Kosovo Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Malta vs San Marino Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Slovenia vs Serbia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Spain vs Czech Republic Watch&Bet>
Sunday 12th June Switzerland vs Portugal Watch&Bet>
Monday 13th June Kazakhstan vs Slovakia Watch&Bet>
Monday 13th June Azerbaijan vs Belarus Watch&Bet>
Monday 13th June Denmark vs Austria Watch&Bet>
Monday 13th June France vs Croatia Watch&Bet>
Monday 13th June Iceland vs Israel Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Armenia vs Scotland Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Moldova vs Andorra Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Finland Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June England vs Hungary Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Germany vs Italy Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Liechtenstein vs Latvia Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Luxembourg vs Faroe Islands Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Netherlands vs Wales Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Poland vs Belgium Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Romania vs Montenegro Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Turkey vs Lithuania Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 14th June Ukraine vs Republic of Ireland Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 21st Sep Scotland vs Ukraine Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 21st Sep Kazakhstan vs Belarus Watch&Bet>
Wednesday 21st Sep Latvia vs Moldova Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Slovakia vs Azerbaijan Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Poland vs Netherlands Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Lithuania vs Faroe Islands Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Liechtenstein vs Andorra Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Turkey vs Luxembourg Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Croatia vs Denmark Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep France vs Austria Watch&Bet>
Thursday 22nd Sep Belgium vs Wales Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Estonia vs Malta Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Georgia vs North Macedonia Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Germany vs Hungary Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Finland vs Romania Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Montenegro Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Bulgaria vs Gibraltar Watch&Bet>
Friday 23rd Sep Italy vs England Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Armenia vs Ukraine Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Northern Ireland vs Kosovo Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Slovenia vs Norway Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Spain vs Switzerland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Scotland vs Ireland Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Israel vs Albania Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Serbia vs Sweden Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Cyprus vs Greece Watch&Bet>
Saturday 24th Sep Czech Republic vs Portugal Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Andorra vs Latvia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Moldova vs Liechtenstein Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Slovakia vs Belarus Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Azerbaijan vs Kazakhstan Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Austria vs Croatia Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Faroe Islands vs Turkey Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Denmark vs France Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Wales vs Poland Watch&Bet>
Sunday 25th Sep Netherlands vs Belgium Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep Luxembourg vs Lithuania Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep England vs Germany Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep Gibraltar vs Georgia Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep North Macedonia vs Bulgaria Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep Montenegro vs Finland Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep Hungary vs Italy Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep Romania vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Watch&Bet>
Monday 26th Sep San Marino vs Estonia Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Ukraine vs Scotland Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Switzerland vs Czech Republic Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Sweden vs Slovania Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Portugal vs Spain Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Ireland vs Armenia Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Norway vs Serbia Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Kosovo vs Cyprus Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Greece vs Northern Ireland Watch&Bet>
Tuesday 27th Sep Albania vs Iceland Watch&Bet>

UEFA Nations League 2022 Group Stage Phase Schedule 2022

UEFA Nations League 2022 Round of 16 – Knock Phase Schedule

The knockout phase will be held in 2023 due to World Cup 2022 taking place in Qatar later this year.

UEFA Nations League 2022 Schedule

Which cities will host UEFA Nations League 2022?

Which cities to host the UEFA Nations League schedule in 2022? UEFA Nations League 2022 is scheduled to play across 55 Nations League countries from 1 June to 27 September.

Live telecast and broadcast of the 2022 Nations League can be watched on televisions and online Watch&Beting sites all over the world

London, Baku, Munich, Saint Petersburg, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bucharest, Budapest, Glasgow, Bilbao and Copenhagen are set to host 51 matches of the Nations League 2022.

UEFA Nations League 2022 Schedule

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