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10 of Footballs ONE CLUB men!


Loyalty is important.

Even in a sport like Football, loyalty is hugely important, weather it be from a fan, or from the players on the pitch.

Fans especially appreciate when a player is loyal to the club they are at, despite this loyalty becoming less and less common in the modern game.

So here’s a list of 10 one club men, who remained loyal to the club they loved!


  1. Mikel Arteta formerly of Arsenal always put up a big display of loyalty to the club. That was until his contract was not renewed at the end of last season (actually he had not been playing for a couple of years). Then he couldn’t get on the road to Manchester fast enough to take up with his new loyalty to Manchester City, as an assistant of some kind. Now he is often seen during Man City matches sitting as close as he can possibly get to Pep! Perhaps full of advice for Pep on how to play his old buddies at Arsenal?


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