10 things we’re wondering about Liverpool’s weird new team photo

Photo released after sponsorship deal with Hugo Boss renewed

Liverpool unveiled yesterday that they have renewed their sponsorship deal with German clothing line Hugo Boss.

It’s a deal that has run for quite a few seasons now already, and to celebrate and promote the extension, the Reds had some members of the team pose for quite possibly the weirdest team photo ever.

It draws a lot of questions, so we thought we might as well ask them.

1) Why did Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge need to share a stool?

Liverpool a pretty well-known club, just as well as Hugo Boss are a pretty well-known brand. You’d have thought that between them, they could’ve provided an extra stool so Studge and Hendo didn’t have to share, the England captain even has to hold on to Phillippe Coutinho to make sure he doesn’t fall.

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