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2015 Premier League calendar year in review


Looking at the events that made 2015 a fantastic year for football

After the turn of the year heading into 2015, things were as exciting as ever as the 2014/15 season was heading towards the business end.

With that season coming to a wonderful climax and a new season now begun, we can take a look back at every Premier League team’s calendar year progress this season, and see whether this year was one to remember, or forget.

AFC Bournemouth

In 2008, Bournemouth sat 92nd out of 92 clubs in the football league triangle, battling for survival in league 2. Today, on 28th December 2015, they sit 14th in the Premier League table, a point above reigning champions Chelsea, and 3 points off the drop zone. The progress they’ve made has been substantial, and this year was the sweetest of all, winning the championship to gain promotion to the Premier League, and be in the top division of English football for the very first time.

High point – 2nd May – Championship winners

Low point – 29 September – Callum Wilson injury blow vs Stoke

Overall score this year – 8.5/10


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