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Further Anfield development could be under threat for Liverpool


FSG speak of fears over fan protests to fund the expansion

Liverpool’s plans to further expand Anfield could be under threat after owner John W Henry spoke of his fears about fan protests against the ticket prices needed to fund the construction.

Liverpool wasted no time in getting planning permission for adding extra seats to their Anfield Road end after completing and opening their newly improved Main Stand at the beginning of the season. The expansion added around 8,000 seats to the stadium’s overall capacity.

The plans to extend Anfield Road however, would require higher ticket prices according to the owners, and they are worried about what protests that could bring after similar prices were proposed in February and there was a mass walkout of over 10,000 fans at their home game vs Sunderland.

“Ticket prices are an issue in England,” said owner John Henry. “That may foreclose further expansion.”

A fans’ group called the news “disappointing”, adding it would like clarification on the situation.

The plans would add a futher 5,000 new seats to the current 54,000 capacity,

But Henry said: “I don’t know if there will be a next step.”

“These comments are a little surprising and disappointing for some supporters.” said James McKenna from the Spirit of Shankly fans’ group, who were involved in February’s protest.

“There is outline planning for the work and it seems a little disingenuous that we have never been told that ticket prices would impact the decision to redevelop the Anfield Road end.

“At a time when the club has increased revenues, to suggest that making an extra million pounds or so would prevent further expansion going ahead is a little strange; maybe John Henry should clarify what he means.”


By Ben Kelly – @benkelly_10


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