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Anfield regeneration takes a step forward


Liverpool city council have today launched a one month consultation on Anfield’s £260million regeneration. Last week council bosses responded to delays by insisting plans wouldn’t be ‘held to ransom’ by the owners of four homes standing in the way of the scheme. Today the latest step was given the green light by the cabinet, opening the door for residents and buisness owners to air their opinions on the specifics of the planned development. The Anfield regeneration will be submitted for final approval in April once local opinions have been taken into account.

Cabinet member Ann O’Byrne said this has been another huge step forward in the project. She said, “The whole of Anfield suffered because of the fall of the housing market renewal and the dramatic loss of money that left that whole area in a state of limbo. But when I talk to residents now they’re delighted they can see the future is not looking brighter and they’re happier with the progress we’re making.”

The club aims to have the regeneration finished and Anfield expanded by 2018. If 2 of the 4 home owners in the area continue to refuse to sell their homes, Joe Anderson has stated that compulsery purchase orders will be used to make sure the project goes ahead. Negotiations are set to continue until the end of February, but if no agreement can be reached the comulsery purchase orders will be forced into place.


By Ben Kelly






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