Antonio Conte unhappy with Cesc Fabregas regarding comments over Hazard

It’s looks like the Spain International has got himself into some hot water with the boss.

Cesc fabregas may have jumped the gun on statements he made regarding Eden Hazard

You can read what Cesc Fabregas said about Hazard here: Cesc Fabregas: “He has to do it more often. I’ve told him many, many times”

When Conte was presented with what Cesc Fabregas had said, the Blues boss was quick to shoot them down:

According to FourFourTwo, the Blues boss said: “No, absolutely no, I don’t think that a player like Messi is a selfish player.

“The first target for every great champion is to play for the team and to put your talent in the team, because the best players don’t exist without the team. For me it’s sad when I listen to this, that one player must be more selfish to reach the top level.

“It’s sad because it’s not my idea of football. I will never understand this, never.

“In my team I don’t want a selfish player, I would prefer to lose the game than have a selfish player.

“I don’t want this and I can’t accept this and I don’t want it in my club.”

I think any player at the Club will think twice before making statements that conflict with the Bosses point of view.

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