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Arsene Wenger: This is NOT a distraction!


Arsene Wenger has insisted that his contract situation at Arsenal is not a distraction for his players.

The Arsenal boss has been under pressure as of late to reveal his plans for next season, with speculation about both an exit and a new deal with the club running rampant online.

Arsenal fans have found themselves divided, as is often the case when regarding Wenger, with some hoping he pens another new deal – and some hoping he leaves and allows a new manager to breathe some much needed life into the side.

Many fans have been furious with Wengers decision not to discuss his decision, despite the man himself claiming he has already made a choice regarding his future – regularly refusing to answer questions regarding it during interviews.

With some questioning if this situation could infact be hindering the team, Wenger has spoken out rubbishing these claims, stating that “There’s no distraction.”

“Before a game like that, that doesn’t cross my mind at all,” Wenger told Sky Sports News HQ. “What is important at the moment is the very short term and the game on Sunday.

“There’s no distraction. What’s important for me in my life is the next game and how well we can prepare, how much we focus on it and how we respond to what is expected from us.”


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