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Berbatov linked with move to Liverpool


In recent weeks rumours have surfaced that Berbatov has spoken to his agent about the possibility of leaving Fulham after becoming unhappy with his clubs current league position as well as form this season.


Looking back to the summer transfer window, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers highlighted the necessity to bring in another attacking player but saw his efforts scuppered for players such as Diego Costa and Willian. So now, with Sturridge side-lined for up  to two months rumours have started up about the possibility of Berbatov making the switch to the Anfield club.


Would Berbatov be the right man for Liverpool?

Due to the style of football Liverpool play, with every player contributing to all phases, it would be fair to say no. However with Sturridge and Suarez being the main two up top, Berbatov would mainly be an impact substitute, so for that reason, Berbatov’s pure skill and eye for goal could prove to be enough for BR to make a bid. Time will tell as to whether a bid is made…

Written by:  Kurtis Bonney 


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