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Footballers playing their last Euros: Euro 2024 legends

10 Footballers playing their last Euros: Euro 2024 legends

Euro 2024 legends! Who are the Euro 2024 legends? What do you think of the Euro 2024 legends?

Euro 2024 legends list here for players who are playing their last Euros most possibly!

The Euros are a great way for people to see the strength of the current national teams in Europe. So when can you catch the action? Watch & Bet live here =>

Here we have made a list of Euro 2024 legends who are probably playing their last Euros.
10 Footballers playing their last Euros: Euro 2024 legends

Euro 2024 Legends: Players playing their last Euros

There are many players who have entertained us a lot in Euros for years. However, their career is coming to a close and they are getting old. So we need to know that they will not be around much longer. So who will replace them?

Well think of that later but for now let us check out who are the Euro 2024 legends! As many players are there, we had to make a list. Watch & Bet live here =>

Euro 2024 legends

Manuel Neuer

Euro 2020 legends

Mats Hummels, Sami Khedira and Thomas Muller were thrown out of the German national team after their torrid 2018 ended. They wanted to usher in a new era much like they did back in 2002 and 2010. However, despite wanting to show the door to the older players, the players needed a leader and hence Manuel Neuer, the legendary German goalkeeper has been kept back.

A World Cup winner, a Champions League winner and multiple Bundesliga title winner – Neuer – has done amazingly well to maintain his form at this age. However, he too is getting old and this will definitely be his last chance to win something big again with the national team.

He is 38 years old and most probably, he will retire after this major event. It will be great for Neuer to win the Euro Cup trophy at home. Watch & Bet live here =>

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski

The Polish striker is one of the most underrated players of our generation. Had he been in any other era of football, he would have definitely won the Ballon d’Or once by now. He would have won it in 2020 but the event was cancelled due to covid.

The Barcelona striker is lethal in front of goal and has the attributes of a complete striker and a leader. Poland missed out on direct qualification after a poor show in Euro 2024 qualifiers but they went on to win the playoffs.

Lewandowski is getting old and will want to go out big. His Poland team have been under hitters always in big tournaments but now with AC Milan’s Piatek next to him, Lewandowski will be lethal and the one to look out for.

Cristiano Ronaldo

10 Footballers playing their last Euros: Euro 2024 legends

When you speak of big events and big players and big earners. How can you forget the biggest of them all? Cristiano Ronaldo has delivered everywhere and still keeps doing so!

He will go down in the game as one of the finest players ever. And although the debate of Ronaldo versus Messi may never be settled. One thing is for sure. In the international circuit both these geniuses has had to piggyback their average national sides. Over there Ronaldo has outshined Messi. The captain of the champions of the Euro 2016 will always have one hand over his arch-nemesis. when it comes to international trophies, it is CR7 ahead!

Ronaldo joined Al Nassr in the winter of 2022 and is currently one of the deservingly highest earners in Europe! Legends like him come once in a century and at the age of 39 it will be definitely the last time we get to see Cristiano Ronaldo on the big stage of Euros! He will definitely want to go out with a bang. Watch & Bet live here =>
10 Footballers playing their last Euros: Euro 2024 legends
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