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Copa America Winner Prize Money 2024

Copa America Winner Prize Money 2021

Copa America Prize Money – how much does the winner get?

Copa America Prize Money 2024? How much does Copa America winner get in Prize Money 2024? How much did Argentina and Brazil win in prize money 2021 and 2019 for reaching the finals in the last edition in 2024? Watch & Bet Live Here =>

Copa America Prize Money - how much does the winner get?

Copa America 2024 History

The tournament rules for Copa America has been haphazard so far. The tournament has actually been scheduled to be hosted every four years.
However, after the 2015 edition took place in Chile, there was a special edition the very next year in the US in 2016. The upcoming two editions 2019 and 2021 took place in Brazil. Watch & Bet Live Here =>

2024 Copa America Host Nation – USA

For the 2024 edition, Ecuador was supposed to be the original, but in november 2022 Ecuador declined to host the tournament.

Peru and the United States had both expressed interest in organizing the tournament.
On January 27, 2023, it was announced that the United States would host the tournament with six CONCACAF guest teams qualifying through the 2023–24 CONCACAF Nations League. This is the second time USA hosts Copa Ameria. USA also hosted the 2016 edition of the tournament.

The 2024 Copa America tournament also acts as a prelude to the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which the United States is a joint host along with Canada and Mexico. Watch & Bet Live Here =>

Copa America 2024 winner Prize Money - how much will the Copa America 2024 winner get?

Copa America Prize Money For Winner 2024

Copa America 2024 Prize Money? The total prize money for Copa America is $23 Million in an estimated way. Although, the prize money is distributed amongst the winners, runners-up and participants.

Also, the money will be distributed in the correct ratio amongst the best teams in order of their performance.

The winning team is expected to get a sum of $10 Million for winning the Copa America. They are also awarded the Gold Cup. Watch & Bet Live Here =>

However, the exact accuracy of this figure is unknown since this was the money awarded in the last edition and it could vary slightly this year. However, trusted sources have confirmed that even if it does change, it is unlikely to vary a lot.

Copa America 2024 Prize Money Breakdown & Distribution 2024

How does the distribution system work? Here we take a look at how the Prize Money distribution and breakdown works. You can see a breakdown of the prizes in our table below.

Copa America 2024 Prize Money Breakdown & Distribution 2024

Here are the prize money Copa America distribution and breakdown in the knockout stage:

Copa America Prize money – stage (US$ million) 2024* 
Champions US$10m
Runners-up US$5.5m
Third place US$3.0m
Semi-finalists US$2.5m
Quarter-finalists US$1.5m
Total $23.0m

*Predicted Prize money is in US dollars

2024 Prize Money Final stage

How much money does the winner get? So the CONMEBOL gave out a total of $23 million for the last edition of the Copa America. The money was shared amongst the top eight teams and the same format is likely to be repeated again this time.

If a team gets knocked out from the quarter-final, such a country will be rewarded with $1.5 million. The beaten semi-finalists who contest the third-place play-off will get $3 Million and $2.5 Million respectively for the third and fourth spot.

The 2024 Copa America final is a $10m game and the winners will be paid $10m with the runners-up pocketing $5.5m.

The team that wins gets to go home with $10 Million followed by the second team at $5.5 Million, the third team ends up with $3 Million and the fourth team gets $2.5 Million in cash as prize money.

The money from the four teams add up to $18.5 Million. This still leaves over an amount of $6 Million for the rest of the teams who reach the quarter-finals stage.

Copa America Quarter Finals Prize Money

Copa America Prize Money Quarter Finals Prize Money

As we see, the prize money has been predicted to be the same as it was from 2017. Most importantly the amount which the winners got, the finalists got, the semi-finalists and the quarter finalists got are all set to remain the same.

In the quarter finals stage, there are 8 teams. While four of them progress to the top four or the semi-finals and win something from the $15.5 Million pot, the four left out teams distribute the remaining $6 Million prize money amongst themselves.

They divide the money equally and each team gets a some of $1.5 Million as an incentive for reaching the quarter finals of the knockout stages.

Copa America Prize Money Winner Prize Money

The Copa America winner gets 10 million US dollars while Runner Up gets 5.5 million US dollars.

So the winner pockets a handsome larger amount while the Runner-up have to settle for the lesser and almost half the amount.

2024 Copa America Winner Prize Money

Copa America Prize Money Runners up Prize Money

The Runners-up are likely to win prize money of $5.5 Million; almost half of the prize money won by the winners.

However, they, like the winners, could stand to gain more as they would be subjected to a lot of money and prizes from sponsors and other local federations. They also get silver medals

While the second team gets a lot less than the first, the difference between the second and the third is not that high. So the team who finishes third gets bronze medals alongside winning a fulsome amount of $3 Million.

More good news follows for the fourth-placed team as well and their reward for reaching the semi final is there. While they do not get any medals, they are handsomely awarded otherwise with an amount of $2.5 Million in cash as prize money.

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