Coronavirus: Watford boss worried about PL restart claiming more lives

Coronavirus: Watford boss worried about PL restart claiming more lives

Watford boss Nigel Pearson has raised concerns over restarting the Premier League.

He feels that along with the restart of English football, several deaths might also be accompanied – and we don’t dispute that either.

“God forbid we have a fatality,” he said in The Times. “People are closing their eyes to the threat.

“Yes, we would like to restart it but it’s got to be safe. We should be cautious. To ignore possibilities is foolhardy. It’s about safeguarding people’s health.”

“If I’ve got my cynical head on I’m concerned our potential restart coincides with the relaxation of the lockdown rules,” said Pearson.

With the death toll climbing in the UK every single day, it is worrying to note that by conducting matches, even if behind closed doors, it might put several lives at stake.

Stadiums will never be completely empty either. At least 100 people shall be present while the match is played, including managers, assistants, referees – just to start with.

“We have to try to believe [Government] advice that we’re being given that we’ve reached the peak but there’s still an incredible number of people losing their lives through this.

“The death toll in the UK is anything between 33,000 and 38,000. That’s filling our stadium and then filling it half again. It’s a sobering thought.”

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