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Costa reveals why Madrid move is off


The striker may have revealed why he isn’t moving back to Spain in a secretly filmed video

Diego Costa has been an Atletico Madrid target for most of the summer, with the La Liga side eager to bring their former player back to the club.

However, it now appears any move to bring him to the club is off, with Madrid seemingly retracting their interest in the Spaniard.

Now, we may know why that is. As Chelsea played Real Madrid in a pre-season friendly, Sergio Ramos and Diego Costa were filmed having a conversation with each other.

In this conversation, you are unable to see what the Chelsea forward is saying, as he has his back to the camera. However, you are able to make out what Ramos is saying and at first he seems to ask about why the striker isn’t coming back to Madrid.

Costa replies, to which the Real Madrid defender then appears to say “They won’t let you?”

However, Ramos then also seems to say “Because Gameiro is coming?”

Madrid signed Gameiro from Sevilla

So it seems as if the reason he is set to stay at Chelsea is because Madrid have instead decided to sign Gameiro.

The striker impressed for Sevilla last season, as he helped the La Liga side win their third consecutive Europa League. He clearly impressed Atletico, who have now snapped him up.

But, going off the first reply, it would suggest that the Blues are the reason Costa is not on his way back to Spain, with the club unwilling to let him leave.

Either way, it looks as if Costa will still be plying his trade at Stamford Bridge next season.


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