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Craig Bellamy is going through ‘The worst time of his life’


Craig Bellamy is known in the football world as quite the hard man who is never afraid of going into tackles or getting a few bookings for his club, but recently he has revealed that his life has been torn apart ever since the shock death of his best friend, Gary Speed.

Speed was found dead in his house last November after committing suicide and Craig Bellamy has said that his death has effected everything in his own life, including his marriage. Craig has apparently moved out of his shared house with wife Claire and their three children.

He said: ‘Losing my best mate has affected everything. I can’t believe how hard it is.

‘He was the best mate I’ve ever had. It’s sad but unfortunately it got to my marriage. I’m here and she’s there.

I don’t know if that’s it for us. All I know is that my best mate has gone. I’m struggling. I can’t lie.’

Bellamy said of his family situation: ‘I can’t tell you how hard it is. It’s the worst time in my life ever.’

The Welshman currently plays football for Championship side Cardiff City and the club has come out and said that although Craig isn’t in the best of places at the moment, he is not considering retiring from the game.

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