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De Bruyne’s Future Depends On Sustained CL Ban

De Bruyne's Future Depends On Sustained CL Ban

Kevin de Bruyne has put forward the news that his future with Manchester City might depend on whether the CL ban is sustained or not – and not on Pep Guardiola’s future.

When asked about whether he has any problem with whether Pep Guardiola stays or leaves, he said: “Not particularly,” he told Belgian outlet Het Laatste Nieuws. “I think Pep has said that he’ll stay until the end of next year, whatever happens. I think his contract is running out then.

“We’ll have to wait, but I’m not going to make a decision based on what he does of course. I have already worked under other managers and when Pep leaves, I have to continue working with someone else.

“The last few years a lot of clubs have enquired, and have asked after my future plans, but I’m very happy at Manchester City. I play for one of the best teams in the world, I play in England, in my eyes from a competitive point of view it’s the best league.

“It’s a challenge to be the best here, and to win. That’s something I need to keep on going in my career. Whatever will come, will come.”

“The club has told us that they will appeal the decision, and they are 100 per cent convinced that they are in the right,” De Bruyne said.

“I have confidence in my club: if they are saying it’s true, then I believe them. We’ll wait and see what happens. Once there’s a final decision I will look at it.

However, he does have an objection with the continuation of Champions League ban. If it is sustained, De Bruyne might rethink his future with City.

“Two years [without Champions League football] would be long. One year is something I might be able to cope with.” he said.

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